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This app has access to:


Find accounts on the device:
• Allows the app to get the list of accounts known by the device. This may include any accounts created by applications you have installed..
Add or remove accounts:
Allows the app to perform operations like adding and removing accounts, and deleting their password..
Use accounts on the device:
Allows the app to request authentication tokens..


Approximate location (network-based):
Allows the app to get your approximate location. This location is derived by location services using network location sources such as cell towers and Wi-Fi. These location services must be turned on and available to your device for the app to use them. Apps may use this to determine approximately where you are..
Precise location (gps and network-based):
Allows the app to get your precise location using the Global Positioning System (GPS) or network location sources such as cell towers and Wi-Fi. These location services must be turned on and available to your device for the app to use them. Apps may use this to determine where you are, and may consume additional battery power..

Phone calls:

Read phone status and identity:
Allows the app to access the phone features of the device. This permission allows the app to determine the phone number and device IDs, whether a call is active, and the remote number connected by a call..


Read the contents of your usb storage:
• Allows the app to read the contents of your USB storage..
Modify or delete the contents of your usb storage:
Allows the app to write to the USB storage..


View network connections:
• Allows the app to view information about network connections such as which networks exist and are connected..
Change network connectivity:
Allows the app to change the state of network connectivity..
Full network access:
Allows the app to create network sockets and use custom network protocols. The browser and other applications provide means to send data to the internet, so this permission is not required to send data to the internet..
Receive data from internet:
• Allows apps to accept cloud to device messages sent by the app's service. Using this service will incur data usage. Malicious apps could cause excess data usage..


Pair with bluetooth devices:
Allows the app to view the configuration of Bluetooth on the device, and to make and accept connections with paired devices..


Disable your screen lock:
Allows the app to disable the keylock and any associated password security. For example, the phone disables the keylock when receiving an incoming phone call, then re-enables the keylock when the call is finished..

Hardware controls:

Change your audio settings:
Allows the app to modify global audio settings such as volume and which speaker is used for output..

App information:

Run at startup:
• Allows the app to have itself started as soon as the system has finished booting. This can make it take longer to start the device and allow the app to slow down the overall device by always running..

Effects on battery life:

Control vibration:
• Allows the app to control the vibrator..
Prevent device from sleeping:
• Allows the app to prevent the device from going to sleep..

System tools:

Modify system settings:
Allows the app to modify the system's settings data. Malicious apps may corrupt your system's configuration..

Device alarms:

Set an alarm:
• Allows the app to set an alarm in an installed alarm clock app. Some alarm clock apps may not implement this feature..
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صلاتك Salatuk (Prayer time) 2.2.87 APK for Android 4.0.3+

Version: 2.2.87 for Android 4.0.3+

Update on: 2019-03-28

File size: 31.201.609 bytes

What's new:

- Android 8.0 and 8.1 support
- Nearby Mosques feature was removed because the Google Places service became paid.
- Following Privacy issues related to Facebook, we have disabled Facebook SDK setting which allows Facebook to retrieve Google Advertising ID automatically.
- Fixing some bugs.

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Versions history:
1. LATEST. صلاتك Salatuk (Prayer time) 2.2.96 APK (2020-01-15, 27.750.942 bytes)
2. صلاتك Salatuk (Prayer time) 2.2.96 APK (2019-11-16, 31.437.089 bytes)
3. صلاتك Salatuk (Prayer time) 2.2.93 APK (2019-10-30, 31.426.313 bytes)
4. صلاتك Salatuk (Prayer time) 2.2.92 APK (2019-09-28, 31.426.397 bytes)
5. صلاتك Salatuk (Prayer time) 2.2.91 APK (2019-05-12, 31.265.157 bytes)
6. صلاتك Salatuk (Prayer time) 2.2.87 APK (2019-03-28, 31.201.609 bytes)
7. صلاتك Salatuk (Prayer time) 2.2.86 APK (2019-03-15, 28.735.677 bytes)
8. صلاتك Salatuk (Prayer time) 2.2.85 APK (2019-03-12, 28.690.025 bytes)
9. صلاتك Salatuk (Prayer time) 2.2.84 APK (2019-02-02, 28.688.693 bytes)
10. صلاتك Salatuk (Prayer time) 2.2.83 APK (2019-01-10, 28.687.829 bytes)
11. صلاتك Salatuk (Prayer time) 2.2.82 APK (2018-12-27, 28.687.753 bytes)
12. صلاتك Salatuk (Prayer time) 2.2.75 APK (2018-11-01, 28.148.219 bytes)
13. صلاتك Salatuk (Prayer time) 2.2.74 APK (2018-09-26, 28.135.459 bytes)
14. صلاتك Salatuk (Prayer time) 2.2.71 APK (2018-08-13, 28.114.407 bytes)
15. صلاتك Salatuk (Prayer time) 2.2.70 APK (2018-06-27, 27.912.832 bytes)
16. صلاتك Salatuk (Prayer time) 2.2.69 APK (2018-06-15, 27.912.848 bytes)
17. صلاتك Salatuk (Prayer time) 2.2.67 APK (2018-05-30, 27.871.424 bytes)
18. صلاتك Salatuk (Prayer time) 2.2.64 APK (2018-05-24, 27.866.124 bytes)
19. صلاتك Salatuk (Prayer time) 2.2.63 APK (2018-05-19, 27.858.508 bytes)
20. صلاتك Salatuk (Prayer time) 2.2.62 APK (2018-05-18, 27.858.528 bytes)
21. صلاتك Salatuk (Prayer time) 2.2.58 APK (2018-04-26, 27.820.936 bytes)
22. صلاتك Salatuk (Prayer time) 2.2.57 APK (2018-04-23, 27.619.827 bytes)
23. صلاتك Salatuk (Prayer time) 2.2.42 APK (2017-11-13, 25.714.601 bytes)
24. صلاتك Salatuk (Prayer time) 2.2.41 APK (2017-11-09, 25.714.598 bytes)
25. صلاتك Salatuk (Prayer time) 2.2.38 APK (2017-10-26, 25.690.755 bytes)
26. صلاتك Salatuk (Prayer time) 2.2.37 APK (2017-10-26, 25.679.560 bytes)
27. صلاتك Salatuk (Prayer time) 2.2.36 APK (2017-10-12, 25.678.723 bytes)
28. صلاتك Salatuk (Prayer time) 2.2.34 APK (2017-10-09, 25.387.884 bytes)
29. صلاتك Salatuk (Prayer time) 2.2.33 APK (2017-10-06, 24.744.965 bytes)
30. صلاتك Salatuk (Prayer time) 2.2.32 APK (2017-10-05, 24.745.447 bytes)
31. صلاتك Salatuk (Prayer time) 2.2.30 APK (2017-07-11, 24.743.014 bytes)
32. صلاتك Salatuk (Prayer time) 2.2.29 APK (2017-07-10, 24.736.500 bytes)
33. صلاتك Salatuk (Prayer time) 2.2.28 APK (2017-07-02, 24.734.295 bytes)
34. صلاتك Salatuk (Prayer time) 2.2.26 APK (2017-06-23, 24.735.213 bytes)
35. صلاتك Salatuk (Prayer time) 2.2.25 APK (2017-06-12, 24.609.190 bytes)
36. صلاتك Salatuk (Prayer time) 2.2.24 APK (2017-06-10, 24.317.403 bytes)
37. صلاتك Salatuk (Prayer time) 2.2.23 APK (2017-06-02, 24.251.630 bytes)
38. صلاتك Salatuk (Prayer time) 2.2.22 APK (2017-06-01, 24.252.437 bytes)
39. صلاتك Salatuk (Prayer time) 2.2.21 APK (2017-05-30, 24.228.716 bytes)
40. صلاتك Salatuk (Prayer time) 2.2.20 APK (2017-05-27, 24.175.975 bytes)
41. صلاتك Salatuk (Prayer time) 2.2.19 APK (2017-05-27, 24.175.984 bytes)
42. صلاتك Salatuk (Prayer time) 2.2.18 APK (2017-05-26, 24.176.040 bytes)
43. صلاتك Salatuk (Prayer time) 2.2.16 APK (2017-05-25, 23.726.925 bytes)
44. صلاتك Salatuk (Prayer time) 2.2.16 APK (2017-01-18, 23.726.925 bytes)
45. صلاتك Salatuk (Prayer time) 2.2.15 APK (2016-12-04, 25.197.646 bytes)
46. صلاتك Salatuk (Prayer time) 2.2.14 APK (2016-11-16, 22.390.614 bytes)
47. صلاتك Salatuk (Prayer time) 2.2.13 APK (2016-10-21, 20.521.981 bytes)
48. صلاتك Salatuk (Prayer time) 2.2.12 APK (2016-08-21, 20.053.057 bytes)
49. صلاتك Salatuk (Prayer time) 2.2.11 APK (2015-01-02, 19.445.202 bytes)
50. صلاتك Salatuk (Prayer time) 2.2.10 APK (2015-12-02, 19.445.835 bytes)
51. صلاتك Salatuk (Prayer time) 2.2.9 APK (2015-01-02, 19.431.681 bytes)
52. صلاتك Salatuk (Prayer time) 2.2.8 APK (2015-01-02, 19.422.882 bytes)
53. صلاتك Salatuk (Prayer time) 2.2.7 APK (2015-01-02, 17.721.633 bytes)
54. صلاتك Salatuk (Prayer time) 2.2.6 APK (2015-05-27, 17.629.503 bytes)
55. صلاتك Salatuk (Prayer time) 2.0.15 APK (2018-10-02, 28.135.015 bytes)