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September 1, 1939 - September 2, 1945 is the third Reich of Germany, the Japanese empire, Italy three kingdoms fascist axis and the kingdom of Hungary, Romania, Britain, the kingdom of Bulgaria, etc. From the state party, in another second global war, the anti-fascist alliance and the anti-fascist forces of the world.
Wars range from Europe to Asia, from the Atlantic to the Pacific. A total of 61 countries and regions have successively. More than two billion people participated in the war. An area of 220,000 square kilometres. According to incomplete statistics, a total of more than 90 million casualties of civilians and civilians in the war lost more than $ 5 trillion was wasted. This is the largest world war in human history.
After the end of the second world war, the United States, the Soviet union, Britain, China and other anti-fascist countries of the Republic and the world in the fascist aggressors won the world peace and progress.
The second world war objectively promoted the development of science and technology. The war has led to the development and progress of aviation technology, atomic energy and heavy artillery
In March 1938, the third Reich annexed Austria. Hitler offered an excuse to oppose Czechoslovakia's territorial claims to protect the interests of the german minority in Czechoslovakia. In the face of aggression and aggression against the fascist third Reich, Britain and France sacrificed the interests of Czechoslovakia and reached an agreement with Hitler, hoping to lead the invasion of the Soviet union by the german third Reich.
In September 1938, Arthur chamberlain, Edward d aladin, adolf Hitler, heads of state of England, France, Germany, and Italy in the third Reich of Germany, benito Mussolini
the munich crisis
Munich meeting, signed an agreement, forced uniform Sudetenland german third Reich no Czechoslovak representative. This meeting has historically been called the " Munich crisis". At this point, appeasement policy peaked. The signing of the Munich agreement has had a significant negative impact.
The third german empire more unscrupulous. The following year, it took control of the entire territory of Czechoslovakia. The third Reich's military and economic strength greatly accelerated, accelerated the pace of aggression and expansion. The Soviet union, Britain and France more distrust. For their own national security, in 1939 the Soviet union and the third Reich signed a " treaty of non-aggression against the Soviet union and Germany". As a result, Hitler decided to give it a to discuss with the Soviet union after the division of power in Poland and eastern Europe and the Soviet union's neutral guarantee. The treaty further accelerate that outbreak of world war ii
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