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Package name: org.vidogram.messenger

The description of Download Vidogram 1.9.6 APK

Vidogram is a secure and advanced Telegram’s client.

Not only Vidogram has all the Telegram’s features, but also it has an enormous package of useful & unique extra features, prepared for you to get the most out of your messaging experience.

If you got excited about our app and want to know more, just keep reading the description to get familiar with Vidogram and what it brings to the table.

Free Video & Voice Call: Always wanted to make video calls while using Telegram? Our free, high quality & secure video call service is here to give you what you always wished for.

Advanced Forward: Have you ever wanted to forward a message to someone but you didn’t want to mention the source of it, or the message had some links and you wanted them removed, or even you wanted to send the message to several people at once? With Advanced Forward you can do all the said above at the same time.

Tabs & Tab Designer: If you have too many channels, groups, bots & contacts, then definitely you always have a hard time reaching the one you need. Now with tabs you can manage your chats by their type and if you think it is not enough, you can also design your favorite tab from its name and icon to the chats that it’s going to manage for you.

Speech to Text Converter: When you don’t want to send voice messages but you also not in the mood for typing, try the Speech to Text feature. Just talk and we turn it to text for you.

Timeline: Are you tired of constantly entering and exiting channels when you want to read them all? With Timeline you can see all your channel’s messages in one place just like the way Instagram and Twitter work.

Confirmations: Sending an unwanted sticker, gif or voice message by mistake, definitely at least once have happened to you, but that could be prevented if there was something like a confirmation stuff before sending such things. Don’t worry, we have this security option too.

Hidden Chats Section: Do you have some chats or channels that you don’t want anyone to know about their existence? With Hidden Chats feature you can hide them somewhere that only you know about its place & password. Even you can set your fingerprint as the key for its lock.

Fonts and Themes: If you got tired of your messenger's look, just try some new fonts and themes that we have gathered for you.

And so many other features like Live Stream, Contacts Changes, Painting Tool, Online Contacts, Voice Changer, Download Manager, Chat Marker, Video Mode For GIFs, Username Finder and many more that you should discover yourself.

Now is the time to click the Download button and have the real experience of what you have been reading all along.

Don’t forget to check our website for news and updates.

Website: https://www.vidogram.org/
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Vidogram 1.9.6 APK for Android 4.1+

Version: 1.9.6 for Android 4.1+

Update on: 2020-02-27

File size: 34.739.510 bytes

App permissions: view permissions

What's new:

Vidogram 1.9.6

• Upgraded to Telegram v5.15
• New floating button in main page to access Nearby section
• Make yourself visible and find new friends in your area with Nearby 2.0
• Try the new profile page design
• Tap on the left and right edges to flip through the media
• Unread tab bug is now fixed

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Versions history:
1. LATEST. Vidogram 1.9.6 APK (2020-02-27, 34.739.510 bytes)
2. Vidogram 1.9.5 APK (2020-02-26, 34.603.356 bytes)
3. Vidogram 1.9.4 APK (2020-02-13, 33.016.673 bytes)
4. Vidogram 1.9.2 APK (2020-01-11, 28.108.681 bytes)
5. Vidogram 1.9.1 APK (2019-09-18, 27.950.881 bytes)
6. Vidogram 1.9.0 APK (2019-08-27, 27.945.592 bytes)
7. Vidogram 1.8.10 APK (2019-08-24, 31.063.059 bytes)
8. Vidogram 1.8.9 APK (2019-06-13, 30.986.096 bytes)
9. Vidogram 1.8.8 APK (2019-05-21, 31.372.192 bytes)
10. Vidogram 1.8.6 APK (2019-02-13, 26.787.552 bytes)
11. Vidogram 1.8.3 APK (2019-02-12, 24.914.518 bytes)
12. Vidogram 1.8.2 APK (2018-11-01, 24.850.348 bytes)
13. Vidogram 1.8.1 APK (2018-08-22, 24.285.935 bytes)
14. Vidogram 1.8.0 APK (2018-08-20, 24.020.244 bytes)
15. Vidogram 1.7.12 APK (2018-07-18, 22.448.814 bytes)
16. Vidogram 1.7.11 APK (2018-05-18, 20.985.032 bytes)
17. Vidogram 1.7.10 APK (2018-05-05, 20.971.200 bytes)
18. Vidogram 1.7.9 APK (2018-05-03, 20.970.982 bytes)
19. Vidogram 1.7.7 APK (2018-05-02, 20.970.067 bytes)
20. Vidogram 1.7.7 APK (2018-04-24, 20.934.862 bytes)
21. Vidogram 1.5.2 APK (2017-09-14, 19.746.894 bytes)
22. Vidogram 1.5.1 APK (2017-09-09, 19.786.842 bytes)
23. Vidogram 1.5.0 APK (2017-09-08, 19.707.550 bytes)
24. Vidogram 1.5.0 APK (2017-08-31, 19.707.550 bytes)
25. Vidogram 1.4.1 APK (2017-07-28, 20.017.004 bytes)
26. Vidogram 1.3.0 APK (2017-07-27, 19.151.293 bytes)
27. Vidogram 1.3.0 APK (2017-07-25, 19.151.293 bytes)
28. Vidogram 1.2.1 APK (2017-05-24, 16.921.426 bytes)
29. Vidogram 1.2.0 APK (2017-05-08, 16.917.246 bytes)
30. Vidogram 1.1.3 APK (2017-04-15, 16.511.207 bytes)
31. Vidogram 1.1.2 APK (2017-04-11, 16.506.956 bytes)
32. Vidogram 1.1.0 APK (2017-03-02, 17.416.209 bytes)