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Package name: com.ibillstudio.thedaycouple

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THE COUPLE is a stylish and easy-to-use app for all couples in love.
Never miss your couple’s special occasions and celebrate your love!

[The most lovable app for couples]
Provides 11 different beautiful background images and six different heart icons.
Have fun with the different style options!

[Automatic day count]

Check your couple’s special days (100th day in love, 1 year anniversary, etc.).
You can receive reminders for each one.

[Three different widget styles]

Provides three different types of widget style with adjustable size.
Choose from a wide variety of options to customize your widget!

[Various designs available for status bar]

Provides three different designs for status bar.
You can choose from different heart shapes, background options, and text colors.
Add to your status bar and show your love!\

[Celebrate Birthdays, Anniversaries, Events, etc.]

Multiple hearts will be shown on your loved one’s birthday, anniversary, or event.
Receive joyful reminders for your special occasions!

[Your Special Day]

Never miss your couple’s special day or event.
The D-Days registered on TheDayBefore (D-Day app) can be loaded by connecting to it.

[Permissions of App]
It is used to read and store picture files for background or profile picture settings.

On the lock screen, it is used immediately to call your lover directly.

When you enable a call to your immediate dialing feature on the lock screen, it is used to import your lover's phone number.

Used to access the camera directly from the lock screen.

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THE COUPLE (Days in Love) v1.6.6 APK for Android 4.1+

Version: v1.6.6 for Android 4.1+

Update on: 2018-09-29

File size: 17.252.341 bytes

App permissions: view permissions

What's new:

TheDayCouple's name has been changed to THE COUPLE.

- Errors fixed

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Versions history:
1. LATEST. THE COUPLE (Days in Love) v1.6.6 APK (2018-09-29, 17.252.341 bytes)
2. THE COUPLE (Days in Love) v1.6.5 APK (2018-09-22, 17.252.437 bytes)
3. THE COUPLE (Days in Love) v1.6.4 APK (2018-09-08, 17.190.320 bytes)
4. THE COUPLE (Days in Love) v1.6.2 APK (2018-09-06, 18.012.096 bytes)
5. THE COUPLE (Days in Love) v1.6.1 APK (2018-08-24, 18.012.196 bytes)
6. THE COUPLE (Days in Love) v1.5.9 APK (2018-08-22, 15.696.986 bytes)
7. THE COUPLE (Days in Love) v1.5.8 APK (2018-07-18, 15.702.238 bytes)
8. THE COUPLE (Days in Love) v1.5.7 APK (2018-06-21, 15.672.834 bytes)
9. THE COUPLE (Days in Love) v1.5.6 APK (2018-06-18, 15.672.154 bytes)
10. THE COUPLE (Days in Love) v1.5.4 APK (2018-05-24, 15.130.736 bytes)
11. THE COUPLE (Days in Love) v1.5.3 APK (2018-05-21, 15.124.777 bytes)
12. THE COUPLE (D-Day for Couple) v1.4.6 APK (2017-11-13, 13.746.564 bytes)
13. THE COUPLE - Couple D-DAY (TheDayCouple) v1.4.5 APK (2017-10-26, 13.745.272 bytes)
14. THE COUPLE - Couple D-DAY (TheDayCouple) v1.4.4 APK (2017-10-21, 13.742.184 bytes)
15. THE COUPLE - Couple D-DAY (TheDayCouple) v1.4.3 APK (2017-10-08, 13.726.789 bytes)
16. THE COUPLE - Couple D-DAY (TheDayCouple) v1.4.1 APK (2017-10-08, 13.726.773 bytes)
17. THE COUPLE - Couple D-DAY (TheDayCouple) v1.4.1 APK (2017-09-29, 13.726.525 bytes)
18. THE COUPLE - Couple D-DAY (TheDayCouple) v1.4.0 APK (2017-09-28, 13.726.525 bytes)
19. THE COUPLE - Couple D-DAY (TheDayCouple) v1.3.9 APK (2017-09-28, 13.723.733 bytes)
20. THE COUPLE - Couple D-DAY (TheDayCouple) v1.3.7 APK (2017-09-25, 13.381.436 bytes)
21. THE COUPLE - Couple D-DAY (TheDayCouple) v1.3.6 APK (2017-09-01, 13.353.684 bytes)
22. THE COUPLE - Couple D-DAY (TheDayCouple) v1.3.4 APK (2017-08-31, 13.306.969 bytes)
23. TheDayCouple (Couple D-Day) v1.3.3 APK (2017-08-24, 9.799.500 bytes)
24. TheDayCouple (Couple D-Day) v1.3.2 APK (2017-02-02, 9.996.089 bytes)
25. TheDayCouple (Couple D-Day) v1.3.1 APK (2017-01-26, 9.989.118 bytes)
26. TheDayCouple (Couple D-Day) v1.3.0 APK (2016-12-07, 10.371.613 bytes)
27. TheDayCouple (Couple D-Day) v1.2.9 APK (2016-11-25, 10.425.427 bytes)
28. TheDayCouple (Couple D-Day) v1.2.7 APK (2016-11-07, 11.051.237 bytes)
29. TheDayCouple (Couple D-Day) v1.2.3 APK (2016-09-06, 10.327.815 bytes)
30. TheDayCouple (Couple D-Day) v1.2.2 APK (2016-08-22, 11.259.837 bytes)
31. TheDayCouple (Couple D-Day) v1.2.1 APK (2016-08-18, 11.259.771 bytes)
32. TheDayCouple (Couple D-Day) v1.2.0 APK (2016-08-15, 11.257.640 bytes)
33. TheDayCouple (Couple D-Day) v1.0.9 APK (2016-08-07, 10.492.990 bytes)
34. TheDayCouple (Couple D-Day) v1.0.4 APK (2016-07-05, 10.493.333 bytes)