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💕Are you ready for the most epic text based love story game on the market?💕

💕 Get ready for a completely new experience of choose your story games enriched with chat based gameplay! Be among the first ones to try Texting Love Story: ChatLinx – a revolutionary text based adventure game, and see what makes a unique love story filled with real determining choices and completely different paths. This breathtaking “otome romance” game perfectly combines elements of mystery, suspense, true friendship and love, and we guarantee it will soon become your chat story number one! Download this free interactive text story game and enjoy making crucial choices while you try to face one of the most difficult challenges that your high school crew has ever encountered. Your texting adventure starts NOW!

✨One texting story – multiple endings and various outcomes!✨

💕 Anime love story taken to a whole new level!
💕 Customize your avatar and play as yourself!
💕 Choices that really matter and end in many different paths!
💕 Unlock premium choices in this “otome love story”!
💕 Unique experience of texting and chatting inside your favorite game!
💕 Addictive story line, well thought-out plot twists, carefully developed characters and numerous customization options – all available in our new “texting story with pictures”!
💕 All that and much more in Texting Love Story: ChatLinx – the best “text messaging story app”!
💕 Our brand new “anime romance games” are here just because of you!

SUPPORTED LANGUAGES: عربى, Polski, Türkçe, Español, Português, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Bahasa Indonesia, srpski, Русский.

💕 For all of you who have desperately been waiting for new Webelinx love story games, we've prepared a fantastic surprise and we're sure you're gonna love it! Choose your own adventure games this time come in a slightly different format that earlier, bringing you again a totally immersive “visual novel game” with intriguing characters and top-notch visuals. Texting Love Story: ChatLinx is an interactive mystery thriller combining a text love story and anime romance with a captivating storyline you'll instantly become hooked to. If you liked Shadowtime, you'll be in love with this brand new texting story maker. Enjoy impressive graphics while you unfold mysterious cases in this “high school simulator”! Try out this supreme “chat story” maker right now and have the time of your life.

💕 Only for the greatest fans of otome love story games! Meet original characters and join them on their way to solve a mysterious case of a lost friend. Witness fear, mystery, drama, love, friendship and take part in making crucial decisions. Find the answer to the question that starts to affect the lives of you and all of your friends in this fantastic “teenage love story”. Unique experience of texting and chatting will only make this visual novel seem more real to you, and attractive male characters will make you die for them! Enjoy the superb anime style illustrations that go along with the high school romance novel you create – only in this unique type of chat stories of romance. Hurry up because Texting Love Story: ChatLinx is already waiting!

💕 You're hooked to texting? You love playing our “simulation games” with real choices? If you're looking for a chat story, a dating simulator game, or a visual novel, you will find all that and much more – right here, in ChatLinx, the “texting story” of love and romance! Download this adventurous mystery thriller about growing up, building friendships, falling in love and discovering dark secrets. Romantic interactive love stories have never been more exciting! Therefore, start playing “Texting Love Story”: ChatLinx right now and create your own teen love story.
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Texting Love Story: ChatLinx 16.0 APK for Android 4.4+

Version: 16.0 for Android 4.4+

Update on: 2020-02-21

File size: 69.574.199 bytes

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