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For centuries and across cultures, children have enjoyed the traditional activity "Simon Says", where one person becomes Simon and tells players to make bodily gestures, such as "touch your toes" or "spin around", while eliminating anyone who doesn't follow a command that starts with "Simon Says", or follows one that doesn't start with "Simon Says". Now, for the first time ever, this childhood classic can now be played on smartphones and tablets!

The intense thrill of alertly following Simon's orders while avoiding fake commands can now be experienced at the palm of your own hand as an endless arcade game! Using your lightning-fast reaction and impeccable judgment, carefully and swiftly make the right swipes, taps and nudges to earn points and keep the game going...but only if you hear "Simon Says", of course! The better you play, the faster the game gets, and if you ever hesitate to make the right move, or fall for a fake command, it's Game Over!

But that's not all! Turn up the difficulty level and you can unleash some awesome Power-Ups that can help you stay in the game, or smash some high scores! Who wouldn't want a Quick Shield that can save you from a game-ending mistake or a Time Freeze that slows down the game and gives you extra time to do what Simon just told you? And aside from Power-Ups, did we forget to mention that you can always escape an impending Game Over with a Continue?

Tired of playing the game on the same background over and over again? You don't have to! There are over 20 different backgrounds that you can unlock and play on...and they're not exactly cosmetic. Specifically, each background has a unique perk that changes the game in small, but amazing ways! Complete your collection of backdrops to experience all the powers, then make them stronger via an epic upgrade system!

You don't have to enjoy "Simon Says" alone! Start a racket with 4 cool multiplayer modes that can be played on just 1 device! Go head-to-head with a friend in Quick Draw, Endurance or Frenzy, or bring the whole gang together for a round of Hot Potato! And if you have a Google Play Games profile, you can sign in and exclusively smash your friends' high scores on the Leaderboards, unlock Achievements that you can brag about online and even back up your progress via Saved Games!

• This game contains advertisements for E or E10+ rated Android games, as well as the option to watch video ads for in-game rewards.
• This game is completely free to play, with optional in-app purchases, including virtual currency refills and premium content, provided that you have updated the game to its latest version. To prevent unwanted purchases, we recommend that you require passwords for in-app purchases via the Google Play Store app's Settings page.
• Any purchased premium content will be restored automatically when you start up the game anew with an Internet connection and have granted this game permission to access your accounts.

Download this game now for FREE! If you have a technical issue with this game, shoot us an e-mail and we'll respond as soon as possible. And of course, we invite you to explore our other Android games!
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Simon Says Mobile Revision_24 APK for Android 4.0+

Version: Revision_24 for Android 4.0+

Update on: 2019-05-11

File size: 60.377.380 bytes

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What's new:

Revision 24:

Hey, Simon-followers, we get that some of you may be frustrated that the 1P Rapid-Fire feature is too hard, so we're going to fix that by giving you more time to respond to vocal Rapid-Fire, as well as removing it from Normal difficulty. Download this update now and get back into the game! It also contains some bug and typo fixes, as well as a few other improvements.

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