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很好用,不会出现其它产品的卡顿现象! ——许哥301
简单,快捷,方便,实用。好! ——路遇强盗
关键是什么网都能上 ——不老克
QQ浏览器很好用,电影资源很丰富,有很多好看的电影。值得推荐。 ——界面还可以做的更精美一点
一直以来都是用这个看微信热文和小说,非常实用的浏览器,很满意,也很喜欢,反正装机必备的神器,没有之一 ——当年华渐渐褪去

Car not know? ! The job will not do? ! Sweep the identification, to find out.
If you are the king of Tencent card user, Congratulations ~ ~ free flow watch live video, random brush away from home!
Search smarter, weather, exchange rates, stock search directly touched up. Built-in voice assistant, close your eyes and know world affairs.

[Upgrade] and then sweep the English translation, identification car, the identification of red wine and flowers, answer job title swordsmen.
[Video] new ways to add filters, music and other special effects, no longer rigid, watching videos play new tricks.
[Fight] are still searching circled fighting diagram worry? QQ browser for you to solve, gently search millions Intriguing for your choice.
[Interest] large community of communities of interest together here, skin care tips, tourism Raiders, Raiders king of glory athletics gathered here, to find interested partners to open the black, and the glory of the king exclusive packs big run ohhh
[Video] short classic scripts are still waiting for the bus boring, I do not know what to do? Open QQ browser to see interesting short video!
[Comic] new interface new interface, the summer season running cartoon, no genuine mass advertising, the second element of the new fan favorite, give you a new experience!
[Tencent] massive resources to cover one hundred mainstream video sites movies, TV shows; over 5000, 2 million popular fiction, books.

[QQ browser people used to say]
Very easy to use, it does not appear other products Caton phenomenon! - Xu brother 301
Simple, fast, convenient and practical. it is good! - Lu Yu robbers
The key is what the network can - not Clemens
QQ browser is useful, film resources are abundant, there are a lot of good movies. Recommended. - interface can also do a little more attractive
This has always been a micro-channel heat to see the text and fiction, very useful browser, very satisfied, very fond of, anyway installed the necessary artifact, not one - year China gradually faded

[Other Highlights]
A APP, get all of your needs!
Daily Bulletin, let you change messages in seconds PHS;
Fiction shelves, even on the bus you can do intellectuals;
Popular video card does not slow without blurring, no shortage of resources;
Tencent games, road brush grade, stay home to play Boss;
Fun find, do not blame you laugh low point, blame us too interesting;
Chat topic, tell you to look for people with similar interests.
It is more than just search, know better your life, so the posture of 6 who have not!
what? ? There are not satisfied, welcome to pull up a program ape Obama and operational lovely sister it ~ ~!
Official QQ group: 209 727 048
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    Android 4.0+

QQ浏览器 - 腾讯王卡,全网免流量 APK for Android 4.0+

Version: for Android 4.0+

Update on: 2019-02-02

File size: 31.507.358 bytes

App permissions: view permissions

What's new:

1、 摄像头增加智能识别提取文字和文件扫描功能,支持导出为TXT、WORD和PDF
2、 优化性能,提升加载速度

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