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Use Pocket to capture the content that comes at you all day long, and curate your own space filled with only the topics you care about. Save the latest stories, articles, news, sports and videos from any device, and any publisher or app. Then fuel your mind with a reading, watching, and listening experience designed for calm eyes, free hands, and fresh focus.

Save the latest news, magazine articles, stories, videos, recipes, web pages, how-to information – anything you discover online or subscribe to, from any publisher. User favorites include: New York Times, The Guardian, Washington Post, Flipboard, The Atlantic, New Yorker, Lifehacker, Business Insider, The Verge, BBC News, Google News, Buzzfeed, Vox, engadget, Medium, Newsweek, Twitter, Youtube.

Pocket’s clean layout and customizable display make for a relaxing reading experience that clears out the visual clutter, gives your eyes a rest, and lets your mind focus on the information at hand. Love long reads? Pocket’s typography and layout keep reading comfortable for longer stretches. Love to read before bed? Try our new dark and sepia themes to reduce visual stimulation before you sleep.

Pocket’s listen feature turns any news story, article, or blog post into a hands-free, eyes-free learning experience. Now you can turn content into knowledge while you cook, commute, work out, walk, or just relax and listen.

If it’s in your Pocket, it’s on your phone, tablet and computer – even when you’re offline. Whether you’re taking a news break, reading from bed, or breezing through articles on your commute, Pocket makes the most of your time by getting you straight to the news feeds, magazine articles, stories, information, news, and sports that are compelling to you. And estimated reading times help you turn any time into quality time.

Find more of what you love but might otherwise have missed. Pocket surfaces ‘best of web’ content discovered by our users, verified by our curators, and approved by our editors. Find all kinds of topics from all kinds of publishers, including quality magazines and news sources like Fast Company, The Verge, Medium, Quartz, Harvard Business Review and more.

Power users can upgrade anytime to Pocket Premium for features like advanced search, unlimited highlights and automatic article backups.

You can also save to Pocket with our browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, or Safari
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Pocket: Save. Read. Grow. APK for Android 4.1+

Version: for Android 4.1+

Update on: 2019-05-11

File size: 13.405.925 bytes

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What's new:

Introducing new fonts and advanced layout options, only for Pocket Premium subscribers.

Considering Pocket Premium? Upgrade today to customize your margins, adjust line spacing, and choose from 8 beautiful new fonts to make the Pocket reading experience your own.

This update also includes a number of bug fixes and stability improvements.

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