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――You are the hero in this story

"Main Tower" that pierces through the sky
The world of sword and magic.
With the "Tower" that suddenly appeared, many adventurers have naturally gathered and developed as a country.
You can be rich and famous, if you risk your life to challenge the tower.
It is told that,
―If you reach to the top, any wish can come true―
but no one still has reached to the top.

Grassland, Snowland, Desert...different worlds are layered, reach to the top by visiting various realms.

Battle against the users all around the world!
Heated online battles include, PvP(Player vs Player), GvG (Guild vs Guild) and "Tower Scramble" that maximum of 1000 players battle against each other!――
Also you can have Battle Royale mode with "AVABEL SUPER FIGHT!!"

Fight to be the ultimate in the world of AVABEL Online!
Action-packed battles with amazing skills with simple control is waiting for you to join.

Play it with your friends! Many multi-player contents
Coop with your friends to go against the strong enemy.
Experience strong bonding with your friends for Party and Guild, only in MMORPG.
You can find your friends in the virtual world as well!

Genre: Action MMORPG

●Recommended Spec
・Android 4.1 and above
・Dual Core device
・1G and above RAM, Open 300MB and above RAM
・Wi-Fi (ADSL10Mbps and above)
*Android device, Android tablet, Google Play game service "Acheivement" "Leader Board" corresponded

●Official Site/SNS
■Official Website:
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AVABEL ONLINE [Action MMORPG] 6.44.3 APK for Android 4.1+

Version: 6.44.3 for Android 4.1+

Update on: 2019-07-11

File size: 105.741.912 bytes

App permissions: view permissions

What's new:

TV anime "Demon Lord, Retry!" and Avabel Online Collaboration!!
Collaboration celebration event held at the same time
Fixed the issue of not being able to use the voice chat

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2. AVABEL ONLINE [Action MMORPG] 6.44.2 APK (2019-07-05, 105.495.232 bytes)
3. AVABEL ONLINE [Action MMORPG] 6.44.0 APK (2019-06-27, 82.236.493 bytes)
4. AVABEL ONLINE [Action MMORPG] 6.43.4 APK (2019-06-20, 70.451.154 bytes)
5. AVABEL ONLINE [Action MMORPG] 6.43.3 APK (2019-06-14, 70.439.964 bytes)
6. AVABEL ONLINE [Action MMORPG] 6.43.2 APK (2019-06-07, 69.201.120 bytes)
7. AVABEL ONLINE [Action MMORPG] 6.43.1 APK (2019-05-29, 69.192.294 bytes)
8. AVABEL ONLINE [Action MMORPG] 6.42.9 APK (2019-05-22, 65.797.322 bytes)
9. AVABEL ONLINE [Action MMORPG] 6.42.8 APK (2019-05-20, 65.795.209 bytes)
10. AVABEL ONLINE [Action MMORPG] 6.42.6 APK (2019-05-02, 55.360.013 bytes)
11. AVABEL ONLINE [Action MMORPG] 6.42.4 APK (2019-04-28, 55.352.669 bytes)
12. AVABEL ONLINE [Action MMORPG] 6.42.2 APK (2019-04-26, 55.346.818 bytes)
13. AVABEL ONLINE [Action MMORPG] 6.42.1 APK (2019-04-25, 55.366.513 bytes)
14. AVABEL ONLINE [Action MMORPG] 6.41.2 APK (2019-04-13, 55.099.051 bytes)
15. AVABEL ONLINE [Action MMORPG] 6.41.1 APK (2019-04-11, 55.445.547 bytes)
16. AVABEL ONLINE [Action MMORPG] 6.41.0 APK (2019-04-05, 55.442.173 bytes)
17. AVABEL ONLINE [Action MMORPG] 6.40.2 APK (2019-03-30, 55.344.686 bytes)
18. AVABEL ONLINE [Action MMORPG] 6.40.1 APK (2019-03-27, 55.346.355 bytes)
19. AVABEL ONLINE [Action MMORPG] 6.39.1 APK (2019-02-28, 54.473.309 bytes)
20. AVABEL ONLINE [Action MMORPG] 6.39.0 APK (2019-02-25, 54.475.021 bytes)
21. AVABEL ONLINE [Action MMORPG] 6.38.1 APK (2019-02-23, 54.469.583 bytes)
22. AVABEL ONLINE [Action MMORPG] 6.38.0 APK (2019-02-20, 54.458.735 bytes)
23. AVABEL ONLINE [Action MMORPG] 6.37.0 APK (2019-02-02, 54.361.654 bytes)
24. Online MMORPG AVABEL [Action] 6.36.0 APK (2019-01-12, 54.344.540 bytes)
25. Online MMORPG AVABEL [Action] 6.35.0 APK (2019-01-10, 54.329.061 bytes)
26. Online MMORPG AVABEL [Action] 6.34.0 APK (2019-01-04, 54.267.627 bytes)