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The description of Download Naver Calendar 4.1.7 APK

* An updated version of ‘NAVER Calendar’
- A simpler and refreshing design
- View schedule in a view-type of your choice (Weekly and dual view added)
- Experience an easier registration feature for schedule, to-do and anniversary
- 700 free stickers
- Weather information, Smart Briefing and more
※ Updated Calendar app (v.4.1.7) is available in Android OS 5.0 and after.
[Key Features]
1. Schedule, anniversary and to-do, managing all at once!
Easily manage your daily to-dos, let alone the schedules that you need to keep track of. Don’t be stressed out about confusing lunar calendar anniversary that changes every year. Leave everything up to NAVER Calendar!

2. Alerts that ring at the right time & moment
Register easily-forgettable anniversaries to your calendar and it will help you to keep track of lunar calendar anniversaries on the right day.

3. Single touch to compose schedule!
Tap and hold dates on Monthly, Dual or Weekly-view to register schedule, to-do and anniversary.

4. View schedules in a view-type of your choice
Set your calendar in the monthly view to see all your schedules for the month, or in the weekly view for the week.
You can also fix your calendar in the list-view for daily schedules or the time-view to manage your schedules hourly.

5. Shifting calendar
If you swipe the screen left and right in the monthly view, you can see the previous or the next month. If you swipe upward, you can see detailed schedules with the calendar.

6. Exciting stickers and category setting
You can categorize each schedule/ anniversary type with different colors for a convenient use and give uniqueness to your schedule with various stickers.

7. Check schedules right away through Widget on your phone
With today/calendar/list/to-do/D-Day type Widget, you can simply check every day schedules even on your smartphone. .
Adjust transparency and select among 6 different styles of Widget.

8. Weather information
Check weekly weather forecast in Weekly view and see current weather condition in daily view.

9. Manage to-dos simply with checklist
Swipe to right to handle a to-do as completed and left to delete! You can easily create to-do group as well!

10. Anniversary
Don’t forget approaching anniversary with D-day. Your everyday will become more special.

11. Managing together: shared calendar
You can co-manage your calendar with members including your friends, lover, family members and colleagues by sharing.

12. Time-table
Time table is a must-have item for students and moms. Have your time table on Widget and view schedule all at a glance.

13. Easy-sync with other calendars
You can simply import schedules in default calendar of your phone with a single click.

14. Support different time zones
When you are abroad or scheduling with friends in overseas, you can simply adjust the time zone to register the schedule.

■ Details of mandatory access rights
- Calendar: You can import events saved in the device and save them to NAVER Calendar.
- Location: Depending on your current location, you can use the weather function at monthly view and weekly view.
- Address Book: Addresses registered on the device can be used in the Naver Calendar app.
- Storage: You can save the attached file to Events or screenshot the Timetable.

Should you face any problem or inquiries while using the app, please contact NAVER Calendar Customer Service Center (https://m.help.naver.com/support/service/main.nhn?serviceNo=5620).
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Naver Calendar 4.1.7 APK for Android 5.0+

Version: 4.1.7 for Android 5.0+

Update on: 2019-11-20

File size: 23.118.942 bytes

App permissions: view permissions

What's new:

- Fix issue of calendar view that some events do not synchronize with subscribed calendar
- Other bug fixes

※ If events of subscribed calendar are not shown after the latest version update,
please try manual sync in the setting.
※ Updated Calendar app (v4.1.7) is available in Android OS 5.0 and after.

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Versions history:
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3. Naver Calendar 4.1.5 APK (2019-10-21, 26.743.239 bytes)
4. Naver Calendar 4.1.3 APK (2019-08-21, 25.900.797 bytes)
5. Naver Calendar 4.1.2 APK (2019-08-07, 25.900.829 bytes)
6. Naver Calendar 4.1.1 APK (2019-06-20, 25.362.357 bytes)
7. Naver Calendar 4.1.0 APK (2019-02-28, 24.495.315 bytes)
8. Naver Calendar 4.0.4 APK (2019-01-04, 18.093.898 bytes)
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34. Naver Calendar 3.0.6 APK (2015-01-01, 7.767.601 bytes)