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The description of Download Music Player- MP3 Player, Free Music App 1.1.2 APK

MP3 Player- MP3 Music Player, Free Music App is the best audio player made for all the music lovers out there. If you are a music fan, and want the best mp3 player, then don't worry, because MP3 Player - MP3 Music Player, Free Music App is just the right & the best audio player, music app for you! Download the latest audio music player app and experience the best music mp3 & listen to your favorite songs.

Enjoy the every beat of the best music on the Audio Music Player- MP3 Music Player, Audio Player. Along with some new & exciting songs app feature, like graphic equalizer, best muzic player design, this musicplayer, mp3 player music is different from other mp3 music player app & is the best muzik player for android.

Create multiple playlist and enjoy the songs you love without any internet connection, because this songs app is for offline music. This song player is the best muzic player app for android. The mp3 player, muzic player makes life of its users musical.

This music app, music mp3 player has graphic equalizer which makes it the most stylish music player for android. It is the best mp3 music player offline for android devices.

Music Hub
Create your own muzic player hub via wifi or hotspot, connect other devices to the host phone and play music and enjoy the same music, songs on all connected devices.


1. Music App Quality: Streams muzik from the music library in high quality. Get the best muzik experience on this best musicplayer

2. All Audio Files: The audioplayer, mp3 player supports almost all types of audio files like mp3, mp4, midi,wav, flac raw aac files & audio files & playmusic from the music library of phone

3. Graphic Equalizer: This music app, song app, mp3player has the best graphic equalizer for every mood of music mp3 as compared to other musicplayer

4. Muzik Playlists: Create various songs playlist & playmusic in the music library and play music on this audio music player

5. Folders: Sort & play music on the free music player mp3, audioplayer by song title, artist name, music library, albums or by other folder structure

6. Skin: Customizable app skin feature. Choose photos from the device gallery and use it in the app background

7. Offline Music Player: Enjoy your favorite muzik without an internet connection and play music offline on this audio music player offline from the phone music library

8. Headsets: Supports bluetooth & wired Headsets with easy shuffling of songs

9. Free Music Player MP3: This is the best music player, audio music player for Android & is free to download. This muzik player, free music app supports all audios files & works better than any default music player mp3 of an android phone

10. No Ads: Ads can be removed from the Muzik Player - MP3Player by doing just a small 1 time purchase and can music play ads free

Listening to your favorite music was never that easy before. This is the best mp3 audio player, mp3 music player, free music app for Android! Muzik Player is a free Audio Player & is a free music player app. If you’re looking for the best music player mp3 then it is the best music app as compared to any default music player, music mp3 player of any mobile. Download the Audio Music Player- MP3 Player, Free Music App and enjoy your favorite song on your personal music radio. This music play app play songs, music play, muzik of any audio format and other audio files. It is a offline music player.

Note: This music play does not allow you downloading music or download songs or play songs from the internet as this not a online music player, online music mp3 player music and also not a music downloader app. This is an offline music player. This muzik player also does not support ringtone and radio app feature.

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Music Player- MP3 Player, Free Music App 1.1.2 APK for Android 4.1+

Version: 1.1.2 for Android 4.1+

Update on: 2019-07-30

File size: 6.349.962 bytes

App permissions: view permissions

What's new:

* Improved performance and Bug fixes

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Versions history:
1. LATEST. Music Player- MP3 Player, Free Music App 1.1.2 APK (2019-07-30, 6.349.962 bytes)
2. Music Player- MP3 Player, Free Music App 1.1.1 APK (2019-02-28, 8.054.891 bytes)
3. Music Player - MP3 Player, Audio Player 1.0.8 APK (2019-02-03, 8.021.367 bytes)
4. Music Player - MP3 Player, Audio Player 1.0.7 APK (2019-01-11, 8.241.810 bytes)
5. Music Player - Audio Player 1.0.5 APK (2019-01-08, 8.092.504 bytes)
6. Music Player 3.0.6 APK (2018-09-20, 4.141.449 bytes)
7. Music Player 3.0.5 APK (2018-09-17, 4.140.081 bytes)
8. Music Player 3.0.3 APK (2018-08-18, 4.078.585 bytes)
9. Music Player 3.0.2 APK (2018-07-21, 4.140.136 bytes)
10. Music Player 3.0.1 APK (2018-07-18, 3.943.900 bytes)
11. Music Player 3.0.0 APK (2018-07-12, 3.943.784 bytes)
12. Music Player 2.9.0 APK (2018-05-24, 3.964.976 bytes)
13. Music Player 2.8.9 APK (2018-05-19, 4.961.327 bytes)
14. Music Player 2.8.8 APK (2018-05-18, 4.961.123 bytes)
15. Music Player 2.8.7 APK (2018-04-23, 5.227.724 bytes)
16. Music Player 2.7.6 APK (2017-11-19, 4.793.430 bytes)
17. Music Player 2.7.5 APK (2017-11-18, 4.793.430 bytes)
18. Music Player 2.7.2 APK (2017-09-08, 4.287.029 bytes)
19. Music Player 2.7.1 APK (2017-07-02, 4.443.605 bytes)
20. Music Player 2.7.0 APK (2017-05-24, 4.364.721 bytes)
21. Music Player 2.6.9 APK (2017-05-04, 4.364.081 bytes)
22. Music Player 2.6.8 APK (2017-04-14, 4.440.500 bytes)
23. Music Player 2.6.7 APK (2017-03-02, 4.148.147 bytes)
24. Music Player 2.6.6 APK (2017-02-28, 3.390.657 bytes)
25. Music Player 2.6.5 APK (2017-02-25, 4.997.001 bytes)
26. Music Player 2.6.3 APK (2017-02-16, 4.146.188 bytes)
27. Music Player 2.6.2 APK (2017-01-14, 4.146.151 bytes)
28. Music Player 2.6.1 APK (2016-12-24, 4.142.069 bytes)
29. Music Player 2.6.0 APK (2016-12-17, 4.137.969 bytes)
30. Music Player 2.5.1 APK (2016-11-13, 3.281.026 bytes)
31. Music Player 2.5.0 APK (2016-11-09, 3.280.568 bytes)
32. Music Player 2.3.9 APK (2016-10-28, 3.409.697 bytes)
33. Music Player 2.3.7 APK (2016-10-24, 3.351.159 bytes)
34. Music Player 2.3.6 APK (2018-10-02, 4.141.449 bytes)
35. Music Player 2.3.3 APK (2016-09-02, 4.064.558 bytes)
36. Music Player 2.3.2 APK (2016-08-07, 4.037.850 bytes)
37. Music Player 2.3.1 APK (2016-06-29, 3.994.583 bytes)
38. Music Player 2.1.7 APK (2016-05-17, 3.142.849 bytes)
39. Music Player 2.1.5 APK (2015-12-21, 3.123.910 bytes)
40. Music Player 2.1.2 APK (2015-08-17, 3.791.754 bytes)
41. Music Player 2.1.1 APK (2015-07-10, 3.789.145 bytes)
42. Music Player 2.1.0 APK (2015-05-28, 3.769.726 bytes)
43. Music Player - Audio Player 202 APK (2015-01-01, 4.109.318 bytes)