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New educational mini-games with Moonzy (Luntik) and his friends!

This game contains 9 educational mini-games for kids:

1 - Connect the Dots
On the screen shows one of the funny heroes of cartoon Moonzy and his friends and disappears, a child needs to cut around the image, connect all stars. When the task is done - you will see a new picture with Luntik and his friends.

2 - Coloring
For some time, appears a coloring cartoon hero and then he disappeared all colors. You need to coloring the Luntik cartoon hero as he was coloring before. If in the course of the game you have any difficulty, use the hint, for this click the button "?"

3 - Mixing colors
Moonzy have bucket of paint, help him to create the exact same color. You must mixing colors. Add additional paint in an empty bucket, mixing colors and see what color you get. Fascinating educational mini-game for kids in which the child learns by mixing different colors to create the desired color.

4 - Pairs
The classic game of "Pairs". Game rules are very simple: on the screen shows all pictures for a while and then the pictures appear flipped, your task is to look for a pair of images, when they opened two identical pictures - they disappear. And so it is necessary to find all pairs. With each level of complexity increases. Try our pairs with funny Luntik.

5 - Mosaic
The screen shows image and disappears. The kids must repeat the pattern, put it out of colored mosaics. For tips, click on the button "?"

6 - Picture scratch
Game for the youngest - picture scratch. On the hidden image, to see what is shown in the picture - it is necessary to scratch the layer that hides it.

7 - Puzzles "Association"
Logic game for children from 2 years. In this game the child must be properly decomposed images into place using associative intuition. Available 3 types of games: decomposed images by color, by patterns or figures. The game is very interesting, although it is more difficult than others.

8 - 3D Puzzles.
Collect exciting 3D puzzles that consist of 3D blocks. Rotate the blocks in different directions so as to obtain the desired picture.

9 - Merry tunes.
Musical games for kids. In this mini game you need to collect the classic tunes from the smaller segments. On the playing field of the tunes are arranged. Listen to each part separately and assemble the famous tune.

At the beginning of the game is available 3 mini-games, for each completed assignment you get 10 coins. To open the 4 game should gather up 100 coins, 5 - 150 Coins, 6 - 200 coins, 7 - 300 coins etc.

All mini-games contain a lot of funny heroes of cartoon Moonzy and his friends. Cheerful atmosphere and good mood you and your child are provided.

Enjoy the new game "Moonzy. Kids mini-games"
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Moonzy. Kids Mini-Games 1.5.3 APK for Android 4.1+

Version: 1.5.3 for Android 4.1+

Update on: 2019-06-23

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13. Moonzy. Kids Mini-Games 1.4.0 APK (2018-05-18, 78.640.189 bytes)
14. Moonzy. Kids Mini-Games 1.3.6 APK (2018-04-23, 78.667.869 bytes)
15. Moonzy. Kids Mini-Games 1.3.5 APK (2017-05-15, 38.984.506 bytes)
16. Moonzy. Kids Mini-Games 1.3.3 APK (2017-05-05, 38.984.506 bytes)
17. Moonzy. Kids Mini-Games 1.3.3 APK (2017-04-22, 39.126.609 bytes)
18. Moonzy. Kids Mini-Games 1.3.2 APK (2017-04-11, 38.412.740 bytes)
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21. Moonzy. Kids Mini-Games 1.1.13 APK (2017-01-23, 38.191.042 bytes)
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23. Moonzy. Kids Mini-Games 1.1.10 APK (2016-09-13, 32.801.071 bytes)
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26. Moonzy. Kids Mini-Games 1.1.4 APK (2016-05-18, 32.728.989 bytes)
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