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子供も大人も、すし をあわせて、すし をあつめて…ひまつぶししよう。

・えんがわ…やわらかな身と甘い脂で女性に人気の すし。
・ねぎとろ軍艦…やわらかい味が特徴の子供に人気の すし。
・真鯛…シンプルイズベストの すし。

料理する人もそうでない人も楽しめる「すし あつめ」
It is an easy game of SUSHI.
If you attach the same SUSHI, you can make a new SUSHI.
What kind of SUSHI can you meet?
You are also a SUSHI craftsman from today!

・ 1
Attach [SUSHI] and [SUSHI] and create a new [SUSHI].

・ The 2
Let's put it on the lane and turn it. You can get rid of it automatically!

・ 3
【SUSHI】 is fresh. Let's buy stuff with accumulated money.

・ The 4
Let's cook Shari.

・ The 5
Fever time is unlimited lane turn. [SUSHI] You also feel the small universe that we weave.

・ The 6
Try your luck with your plate. It is equipped with a machine [SUSHI capsule] that can be beaten.

A simulation free standing clicker training game.
Restaurant management is good, but try sushi management?
Both children and adults gather sushi, gather the sushi ... let's kill it.

[Recommendation of today]
・ Tuna ... A royal road tuna of sushi. If you don't eat this sushi will not start.
・ Salmon ... Sushineta popular with children and adults. Enjoy delicious fat and soft body.
・ Buri ... The exquisite balance of fresh fat and firm crunchy body.
-How much warship ... very popular sushi from a child with a sense of bubble.
・ Teppan-maki ... Sushi with a taste of nori and tuna.
-Anago-A delicious sushi with fluffy texture and sweet sauce.
・ Ika ... Sushi with simple taste and interesting touch.
・ Tamm ... If you ask for this [SUSHI] Do?
・ Shrimp ... Popular sushi from children with a crisp touch and a pretty look.
・ Tako ... Sushi that the texture of the crunchy texture and the texture of the sucker can not say anything is interesting.
・ Otoro ... 【SUSHI】 King Otoro! Fat Norinori!
・ Hobby shellfish ... Excellent compatibility with vinegared rice with a touch that is crunchy!
・ Engawa ... Popular with women for their soft body and sweet fat.
・ Aji ... a representative of light things Aji. Deep taste.
・ Unagi ... Serve along with the secret of the secret that has been passed down for generations.
・ Inari ... Sushi that matches sweet and seasoned fox and sesame aroma.
・ Shrimp avocado ... the touch and taste are perfect. Sushi is very popular with women.
・ Aburi salmon mayo ... The best recipe.
-Natto winding ... It was good to be born in Japan.
・ Uni warship ... Sushi that the incense of a rose and the feeling like a toro become jealous.
・ California roll ... Reimported from overseas new recipes? Now you are also a city boy.
・ Negi Toro warship ... Popular with children that have a soft taste.
・ Makoto ... Simple is best sushi.
・ Golden eyebrow ... Tasteful sushi that does not seem like white fish.
・ Throwing fish ... high-class fish that you can not see easily. Celebrity Sushi.
... And many other [SUSHI] will appear!

"Sushi cool" that can be enjoyed by those who cook and not
Could it be an education for children interested in fish?
Let's cultivate 【SUSHI】 in the game of neglected clicker system simulation.
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