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The description of Download MB WAY 2.2.1 APK

MB WAY app is SIBS’s digital wallet to simplify mobile payments! By associating your mobile number to your bank card, you can make all your payments with your smartphone. You can purchase and pay in-stores with the MB WAY QR code displayed at the terminal. You can also purchase online through MB NET virtual cards. You can send, receive and request money, split accounts and use all of MULTIBANCO ATM features, without having to carry your wallet. You can also win prizes every week with the Challenge! All this and much more, always with experience and safety guaranteed by SIBS.
The MB WAY app is a reference and has over one and a half million users who daily take advantage of its unique features. MB WAY is the most complete Portuguese payment app and network!
Pay with MB WAY on your favourite stores.
To start using MB WAY, you can join enroll through the app or a MULTIBANCO ATM. Just connect your card with your mobile number and set your MB WAY PIN! You can also active your finger tip and face id through your smartphone, It's simple, convenient and fast. MB WAY, just pay!

Pay with MB WAY

When you pay your in-store purchases, just select the “Pagar com MB WAY” button. You can choose the following options to pay: - QR Code – Select the option in your app, and read the QR Code at the payment terminal.
If your purchase exceeds € 20, you must authorize the purchase, and just then you will receive the confirmation.

- NFC Contactless – Pull over your mobile phone NFC antenna to the payment terminal antenna (typically at the upper end of the terminal). If your purchase exceeds € 20, authorize it, pull over your mobile phone again and you will receive the confirmation

To pay at online stores, select the MB WAY payment method, insert your mobile number and you will receive a notification to confirm the in-app payment..

Purchase with MB NET

To pay your online purchases, access the MB WAY app and create an MB NET card at the “Cartões MB NET” option. In the online store, select “Pagar com Cartão” and insert the MB NET card data (number, expiration and CVV). You do not have to enter or share any real data on your actual cards at the online store.


To use MULTIBANCO operations with the MB WAY app, just press the green button at MULTIBANCO ATM and choose “Utilizar MULTIBANCO”; open the MB WAY app, choose the card you want to use and select “Utilizar MULTIBANCO”; scan the QR CODE that is on the MULTIBANCO ATM screen and put your MB WAY PIN or touch ID or face ID in the app.

Withdraw money at MULTIBANCO

To Withdraw Money with MB WAY click on “Levantar Dinheiro” in the app, choose the amount and enter your PIN. Then, with the code generated, go to a MULTIBANCO ATM, press the green button and choose the option "Levantar Dinheiro", enter the code and withdraw your money.
You can also generate a code for someone else to make a withdrawal at MULTIBANCO. Select “Levantar Dinheiro”, choose the amount and the option “Partilhe o código de levantamento com outra pessoa”, select the phone number of that person and enter your MB WAY PIN or touch ID or face ID!

Send money

Just press the “Enviar Dinheiro” button in the app, choose a contact, insert the amount to send and enter your MB WAY PIN or touch ID or face ID. The money will be available immediately to your contact's account.

Request money

Just select the “Pedir Dinheiro” button in the app, choose the contact to whom you want to request the money, insert the amount, and confirm the transaction. Your contact will receive a notification with your money request.

Split an account

Just select the “Dividir Conta” button in the app, choose the contacts that you want to split the account with, insert the total amount and confirm the operation. MB WAY automatically splits the amount through the contacts chosen.

Note: This app is the only official SIBS app to use MB WAY and MB NET services. You can also use MB WAY and MB NET features in the participating Banks apps.
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    Android 5.0+

MB WAY 2.2.1 APK for Android 5.0+

Version: 2.2.1 for Android 5.0+

Update on: 2020-05-23

File size: 84.954.803 bytes

App permissions: view permissions

What's new:

This update includes some bug fixing and performance improvements.

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Versions history:
1. LATEST. MB WAY 2.2.1 APK (2020-05-23, 84.954.803 bytes)
2. MB WAY 2.2.1 APK (2020-04-20, 84.939.052 bytes)
3. MB WAY Varies with device APK (2019-11-24, 83.947.127 bytes)
4. MB WAY Varies with device APK (2019-10-25, 79.545.097 bytes)
5. MB WAY Varies with device APK (2019-10-02, 71.713.992 bytes)
6. MB WAY Varies with device APK (2019-09-05, 71.713.108 bytes)
7. MB WAY Varies with device APK (2019-08-29, 71.677.068 bytes)
8. MB WAY 1.12.0 APK (2019-08-22, 24.794.532 bytes)
9. MB WAY Varies with device APK (2019-03-27, 24.794.532 bytes)
10. MB WAY Varies with device APK (2019-03-06, 21.927.897 bytes)
11. MB WAY Varies with device APK (2018-12-27, 21.928.593 bytes)
12. MB WAY Varies with device APK (2018-09-12, 21.095.081 bytes)
13. MB WAY Varies with device APK (2018-07-13, 21.036.271 bytes)
14. MB WAY Varies with device APK (2018-07-03, 21.029.555 bytes)
15. MB WAY Varies with device APK (2018-06-15, 20.030.774 bytes)
16. MB WAY Varies with device APK (2018-04-25, 19.998.462 bytes)
17. MB WAY 1.7.2 APK (2017-11-09, 5.913.056 bytes)
18. MB WAY 1.7.2 APK (2017-07-27, 5.913.056 bytes)
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20. MB WAY 1.7.0 APK (2017-07-02, 5.913.006 bytes)
21. MB WAY 1.6.0 APK (2017-04-24, 5.726.744 bytes)
22. MB WAY 1.4.1 APK (2016-11-03, 5.684.382 bytes)
23. MB WAY 1.4.0 APK (2016-10-29, 5.684.340 bytes)
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29. MB WAY 1.1.8 APK (2015-07-09, 4.282.339 bytes)
30. MB WAY 1.1.7 APK (2015-06-10, 4.282.449 bytes)