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What are Life Hacks?
Life Hacks are simple and smart tips to ease everyday tasks and improve lifestyle.
We at Life Hacks will make you learn smartest daily-life tricks from around the world to use in your everyday life. Search any life hack of your choice and we will give you results from the best life hacking content creators of the world.
Join millions of life hackers who use our Life Hacks application to solve nearly every tricky situation in their life and never stop learning.

Get latest SUMMER HACKS, RELATIONSHIP hacks, TECHNOLOGY hacks, FOOD & DRINKS hacks, HEALTH & FITNESS hacks, HUMOR hacks, PARENTING hacks, DAILY-LIFE SOLUTIONS hacks, OFFICE and JOBS hacks, DIY CRAFTS , MONEY SAVER hacks, LIFE tips, LIFE quotes, MOTIVATIONAL tips, PARTY hacks, FASHION hacks, MAKEUP hacks, PHOTOGRAPHY hacks, SURVIVAL hacks, STUDY BOOSTER hacks, BRAINY hacks, TRAVEL hacks, all at one place.

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⭐ Brand new design with lots of enhanced features
⭐ 100+ new life hacks every week
⭐ 15+ categories of life hacks available
⭐ Latest life hacks, updated daily
⭐ Search life hacks of your choice
⭐ Get personalized content based upon your interest
⭐ Like, Bookmark and share life hacks in more attractive fashion
⭐ Trending life hacks, showing most popular hacks
⭐ Hack of the day, to spice up your day
⭐ Save and backup your favourite life hacks on the server, to use later
⭐ Life hacks with pictures, life hacks with video and picture with text hacks added
⭐ Youtube videos from some of the best life hackers

◼ 15+ categories of life hacks available: Various categories of life hacks available such as technology hacks , health and fitness hacks, food and drinks hacks, parenting hacks, daily-life solutions hacks, jobs hacks, office hacks, money saver hacks, relationship hacks, party hacks, survival hacks, study boosters hacks and brainy hacks combined in one single app. Relationship hacks to boost your relationships, Parenting hacks to help you grow your kids, Study boosters to help you prepare your studies in a smart and efficient manner.
◼ Brand new design with lots of enhanced features: We have revamped the design of Life Hacks to make it more interesting and user-friendly.
◼ Life Hacks updated daily: We update life hacks everyday with notifications to make your day full of entertainment.
◼ Offline as well as Online: You may enjoy Life Hacks even if you have a weak internet connection or no internet connection.
◼ Picture, text and video hacks: Life hacks are available as picture cards, text cards as well as video cards
◼ Share on social media easily: You may easily share your favourite life hack with friends and family as well as on social media.
◼ Like, bookmark and save: You may like, bookmark and save as many life hacks as you want.

Here's what the world says about Life Hacks:
🏆 The Big Pitch - One of the top 10 apps, 2017
🏆 BW Disrupt - An App That Let You Learn Useful Life Hacks
🏆 The Vindicator - Life Hacks app lives up to its name

Share this tiny packet of knowledge to your friends and family and flaunt your skills..
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Life Hacks 4.2.4 APK for Android 4.4+

Version: 4.2.4 for Android 4.4+

Update on: 2019-08-29

File size: 11.763.623 bytes

App permissions: view permissions

What's new:

\ud83c\udd95 Feature:
\ud83c\udf89 Dark-mode \ud83c\udf89 - Dark mode introduced in the app. Now learn new hacks at your comfort.

- User experience improved
- White-spacing increased for a cleaner navigation
- Reading an article on "Read-More" button made easier
- General bug fixes

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Versions history:
1. LATEST. Life Hacks 4.2.4 APK (2019-08-29, 11.763.623 bytes)
2. Life Hacks 4.2.1 APK (2019-08-15, 11.748.879 bytes)
3. Life Hacks 4.1.36 APK (2019-07-29, 11.274.563 bytes)
4. Life Hacks 4.1.31 APK (2019-07-06, 10.526.248 bytes)
5. Life Hacks 4.1.24 APK (2019-06-04, 10.305.929 bytes)
6. Life Hacks 4.1.22 APK (2019-04-04, 10.305.929 bytes)
7. Life Hacks 4.1.22 APK (2019-03-27, 10.807.708 bytes)
8. Life Hacks 4.1.18 APK (2019-02-24, 7.852.577 bytes)
9. Life Hacks 4.1.16 APK (2018-12-27, 7.253.988 bytes)
10. Life Hacks - lifestyle tips, tricks and videos 4.1.2 APK (2018-09-08, 8.027.186 bytes)
11. Life Hacks 4.0.9 APK (2018-09-06, 8.005.255 bytes)
12. Life Hacks 4.0.8 APK (2018-08-22, 7.884.034 bytes)
13. Life Hacks 4.0.3 APK (2018-08-04, 7.316.379 bytes)
14. Life Hacks 3.1.8 APK (2018-07-18, 5.881.629 bytes)
15. Life Hacks 3.1.7 APK (2018-05-25, 6.231.818 bytes)
16. Life Hacks 3.1.2 APK (2018-05-18, 6.231.818 bytes)
17. Life Hacks 3.1.2 APK (2018-05-17, 6.933.274 bytes)
18. Life Hacks 3.1.1 APK (2018-04-24, 6.953.276 bytes)
19. Life Hacks 1.9.7 APK (2017-11-13, 5.470.255 bytes)
20. Life Hacks 1.9.7 APK (2017-10-08, 5.466.827 bytes)
21. Life Hacks 1.8.2 APK (2017-10-05, 4.658.489 bytes)
22. Life Hacks 1.8 APK (2017-09-09, 4.658.500 bytes)
23. Life Hacks 1.7 APK (2017-08-31, 4.669.943 bytes)
24. Life Hacks 1.6 APK (2017-08-24, 4.459.249 bytes)
25. Life Hacks 1.4 APK (2017-07-27, 4.256.525 bytes)
26. Life Hacks 1.3 APK (2017-07-11, 3.362.886 bytes)
27. Life Hacks 1.2 APK (2017-06-04, 3.362.589 bytes)
28. Life Hacks 1.0 APK (2017-01-23, 2.288.573 bytes)