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LINE Puzzle TanTan is a puzzle game with a cute panda!
The rules are simple. Pair up matching blocks!
You'll get addicted to the thrill of making combos!
Clear a wide variety of stages and aim to be #1!

The animals were living together peacefully in their village
when suddenly someone stole all their food!
Set off on an adventure with TanTan
to get back the stolen food!

■ Simple rules and speedy gameplay!
Clear the same blocks within the time limit!
Depending on their positions, sometimes you can't clear blocks even if they match.
How quickly can you find blocks to clear?

■ Challenge friends in Battle Mode!
Enjoy real-time Battles with friends and players from around the world!
Compete to see who can clear blocks the fastest!
Use Battle items to interfere with your opponent's play!
Keep winning and your title will improve!
Face your friends and tough opponents around the world to become TanTan, the great puzzle master!

■ Loads of stages with cool quirks!
Adventure across a variety of stages with TanTan!
They're full of things like Keyhole Blocks and Question Mark Blocks
that'll make you use your head to win!
New content like Unlimited Play Mode, and Team Battles, and the Tower of Light keep getting added!

■ Aim for a high Ranking!
Compete with TanTan players around the world for the best scores!
Great rewards await players who can achieve high rankings!

■ Surpass your friends using the Special Store and Quest World!
You can get super-useful items at the Special Store, which appears from time to time!
Clear Quest World for
even better rewards!
Get the goods and show your friends what's up!

■ Tie-ups with popular characters!
Popular characters from other properties come visit the world of TanTan for limited periods of time!
Get tie-up Pets and items during the tie-up period,
and get a special tie-up Pet for clearing all the stages!
You can only get these items at these times so don't miss out!
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LINE Puzzle TanTan 3.0.1 APK for Android 4.1+

Version: 3.0.1 for Android 4.1+

Update on: 2019-04-24

File size: 46.496.691 bytes

App permissions: view permissions

What's new:

[Ver. 3.0.1]

Thank you for playing LINE Puzzle TanTan.
Here's what's new in the latest update:

1. Added new "hidden stage" content
Clear the new hidden stages to get hidden stars!
2. Added new "hidden room" content
Use stars you gather to get more furniture and decorate your room!
3. Content and event improvements
4. Battle Mode start bug fixed
5. Various bug fixes

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