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Welcome to the Sun Signs app! Curious what today, or this week, month, and year have in store for your zodiac sign? You’ve come to the right place.

Sun Signs offers many many free and premium ways for you to gain valuable insight and wisdom from the stars above. Our team of expert astrologers, psychics, and tarot card readers provides insight on love, careers, money, health, and more for all zodiac signs:


Our horoscope app features a ton of daily horoscopes, tarot card readings, links to psychic readings, free and premium games, and so much more. If you need astrological wisdom, advice from the cosmos, or daily updates for your zodiac sign, download the Sun Signs app now!

Horoscopes and Daily Horoscopes♈♉♊⛎
We provide free daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes for all sun signs/signs of the zodiac. We also offer:

- Free Love Horoscopes, Career Horoscopes, Money Horoscopes, and Health Horoscopes (for today, tomorrow, weekly, monthly, and for 2018)
- Premium, in-depth Chinese Horoscopes for the year 2018
- Premium, in-depth 2018 Horoscope readings; see what the year has in store for you!

Tarot Card Readings🃏
The Horoscope & Astrology app also offers insight and advice in the form of tarot! You’ll find free tarot card readings and premium, in-depth readings to help you interpret the happenings and relationships in your life. Your tarot options include:

- Free Daily Tarot Card Readings for Love, Career, Mood, and Make-a-Wish
- Free “Card of The Day” for all users — including keywords you should be focusing on and astrological correspondence for certain zodiac signs.
- Premium, in-depth True Love Tarot and Yes/No Tarot Card readings — performed by experienced, professional tarot readers!

Love Compatibility💑
Use the wisdom from ancient astrology to evaluate your next romantic match! Our horoscope app offers free Love Match readings for all signs.

All you have to do is choose your zodiac sign and the sign of your romantic partner. Based on the characteristics of each sun sign, we’ll determine whether the relationship is destined for bliss or headed down a bumpy road.

If you’re looking for more insight, the Horoscope & Astrology app also offers premium Love Compatibility Charts. A professional astrologer will tell you all about the path of your relationship as well as tips for fostering a happy union.

Free Astrology Games🎮
After you gain valuable astrological insight from your horoscope or tarot reading, stick around and play one of our free astrology games. Games include:

- Magic 8 Ball and Magic Love Ball — just shake your phone to get instant answers to any yes or no question related to life and love.
- Fortune Cookie and Love Cookie — shake your phone, crack open your cookie, and get valuable fortunes for you day-to-day personal and love lives.
- Mood Ring — rub the mood ring and get insight into your current mood, desires, and actions you should take to capitalize on the two.

Psychic Readings🔮
With our app, you can also find links to premium psychic readings on Horoscope.com. New users get 10 minutes with a professional psychic for just $1.99!
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