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▶Real-time worldwide home run competition
- Best your opponents in real-time and become the world's greatest slugger!
- Collect trophies and climb the world rankings.
- Weekly league ranking updates! Claim awesome rewards as you move up!

▶Exciting game modes
- 1vs1 Match! Nail-biting duel between you and your opponent!
- 4-Player Match! Survive 'til the end! Last one standing reaps the rewards!
- Challenge Mode! Practice makes perfect. Have fun, even by yourself in single-player!
- Tournament! 3-days of intense competition to claim incredible rewards!

▶Play strategically
- This is no boring homerun derby game! Best your opponents by thinking strategically.
- Hit random objects in the stadium to gain items that mess with your opponent!
- Use the appropriate skill cards to add impact to your hits and defend against opponent's attacks!

▶Customize your batter through the card system
- Collect batter, equipment, skill, ball cards to upgrade your player!
- Upgrade your batter cards to increase your stats.
- Become a slugger by combining the right equipment & skills cards for your batter.

▶Unique and interesting characters
- Swing away for that home run, along with our unique characters!
- From the son of the legendary #4 batter, a rythm-crazed hip-hop producer, her majesty's secret serviceman, and a combat fighting batter, check out their diverse backstories!
- Upgrade your batter's looks with gears and bonus stats!

▶Superb stadiums designed for nail-biting home run derbies
- Travel the world with stadiums in various themes & locations.
- From fireworks in the city, cool waterfalls, mystical orient, towering moai, to shark-filled oceans, there's so much to see!
- We invite you to our stadiums inspired by real baseball stadiums with various outfield foul line distance and fence height.

※ Use of illegal programs, modified apps, and other unauthorized methods to access the game may result in service restrictions, removal of game accounts and data, claims for compensation of damages, and other remedies deemed necessary under the Terms of Service.

▶About App Access Permissions◀
In order to provide you with game services listed below, the app will ask you for permission to grant access as follows.

[Required Permissions]
Access to Files/Media/Photos: This allows the game to save data on your device, and to store any gameplay footage or screenshots you take within the game.

[How to Revoke Permissions]
▶ Android 6.0 and above: Device Settings > Apps > select app > App Permissions > grant or revoke permission
▶ Below Android 6.0: Upgrade your OS version to revoke the access permissions as above, or delete the app

※ You can revoke your permission for the app to access game files from your device by following the instructions above.
※ If you are using a device which runs below Android 6.0, you will not be able to set permissions manually, so we recommend that you upgrade your OS to Android 6.0 or higher.

Revoking the required access permissions may prevent you from accessing the game and/or cause termination of game resources that are running on your device.

[ Official Community ]
- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HomerunClash/
- Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/homerunclash/
- Twitter: https://twitter.com/HomerunClash

* For game-related queries, please contact us at [email protected]

* Although it is free to play, this game contains optional in-app purchases that may incur additional charges. Please note that refund of in-app purchases may be limited depending on circumstance.
* For our usage policy (including refunds & termination of service), please read the Terms of Service available in the game.
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Homerun Clash APK for Android 5.0+

Version: for Android 5.0+

Update on: 2020-07-04

File size: 62.047.403 bytes

App permissions: view permissions

What's new:

\u25b6 More Customization!
• 4 new gear cards
• 1 new skill card

\u25b6 New 'style'

\u25b6 More Convenience!
• Game balance adjustments
• UI layout overhauled
• Minor bug fix

For more details about the update, please check out the official Homerun Clash Facebook page or the in-game notices page!

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1. LATEST. Homerun Clash APK (2020-07-04, 62.047.403 bytes)
2. Homerun Clash APK (2020-06-23, 62.046.408 bytes)
3. Homerun Clash APK (2020-06-11, 62.472.335 bytes)
4. Homerun Clash APK (2020-05-26, 62.475.224 bytes)
5. Homerun Clash 2.10.0 APK (2020-04-16, 60.470.468 bytes)
6. Homerun Clash 2.9.0 APK (2020-04-10, 60.453.552 bytes)
7. Homerun Clash 2.8.1 APK (2020-03-18, 60.361.751 bytes)
8. Homerun Clash 2.8.0 APK (2020-03-17, 60.329.111 bytes)
9. Homerun Clash 2.7.1 APK (2020-02-18, 60.098.173 bytes)
10. Homerun Clash 2.6.0 APK (2020-01-15, 59.952.578 bytes)
11. Homerun Clash 2.5.0 APK (2019-12-27, 59.483.574 bytes)
12. Homerun Clash 2.4.0 APK (2019-11-21, 61.987.383 bytes)
13. Homerun Clash 2.3.0 APK (2019-10-31, 61.674.710 bytes)
14. Homerun Clash 2.2.0 APK (2019-10-12, 61.784.503 bytes)
15. Homerun Clash 1.18.0 APK (2019-07-31, 81.089.317 bytes)
16. Homerun Clash 1.17.0 APK (2019-07-06, 81.002.026 bytes)
17. Homerun Clash 1.16.1 APK (2019-06-25, 80.278.901 bytes)
18. Homerun Clash 1.16.0 APK (2019-06-21, 80.266.047 bytes)
19. Homerun Clash 1.15.0 APK (2019-05-30, 79.799.060 bytes)
20. Homerun Clash 1.14.0 APK (2019-04-25, 76.726.073 bytes)
21. Homerun Clash 1.13.0 APK (2019-04-05, 76.068.309 bytes)
22. Homerun Clash 1.12.1 APK (2019-03-20, 56.411.496 bytes)
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