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Halkbank Mobile banking application “Halkbank Mobile” has been renewed for you. With the renewed Halkbank Mobile application, banking transactions are easier and faster now.

With Halkbank Mobile which has been renewed as per the most recent design trends for you to experience a better mobile banking, you can reach to products and services of Halkbank from wherever you desire and you can realize your banking transactions easily.

Services and renewals awaiting you in Mobile banking application of Halkbank:

• You can follow up campaigns and notifications relating with the products and services of our bank without entering the application in a much easier way.
• In order for you to make entrance to Halkbank Mobile for the first time, it is sufficient if you have your password relating with Halkbank Internet Branch/Mobile Branch. If you don’t have a password, by using the option of “I forgot my password”, you can get your password immediately with your credit card or banking card details.
• By making your first entrance to our mobile branch with your customer number, password and cipher, you can determine your “SifreCiz” (specifying password) and afterwards by using SifreCiz, you can make your entries in an easy and secure way.
• You can monitor abstract information relating with your accounts, assets/debts, credit cards, credits and portfolio from the interfaces being supported with interfaces,
• By directing “Favorite Transactions” menu being newly added to the opening screen as you wish, you can have access to the transactions which you frequently use with a single button touch from the homepage in an easy and quick way,
• You can realize your transactions relating with products that you use from our bank, with the fast transaction buttons on the homepage in an easy way.
• You can make personal credit applications and you can use your approved credit promptly.
• You can make open account application and you can define your approved limit for your account.
• With Halkbank Mobile Branch, you can monitor your account movements wherever and whenever you wish and you can realize your EFT and money transfer transactions by using the money transfer option and you can pay for the amounts of your invoices and taxes.
• With the 2d barcode transactions you can draw money from Bank24 without having your card and you can realize transactions for sending/requesting money with 2d barcode.
• You can screen your credit card information, you can pay your credit card debt amount, you can make requests for limit increases, as well as cash advance and installment processes.
• You can easily realize your foreign exchange, gold, investment fund, Halk Investment Transfers, and Stock share/VIOP transactions easily and you can follow up foreign exchange and gold rates.
• From e-Mail/SMS Instructions Menu, you can give SMS/e-mail instruction in order to be notified when there is money drawn from your account or when money is deposited to your account.

By downloading Mobile banking application of Halkbank to your phone right now, you can start realizing your transactions.

Live through this different banking experience right now!
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    Android 4.1+

Halkbank Mobil APK for Android 4.1+

Version: for Android 4.1+

Update on: 2020-03-03

File size: 22.961.163 bytes

App permissions: view permissions

What's new:

We continue to renew Halkbank Mobile for you;
• SGK Automatic Payments
• SGK QR Code Payment
• Port Fees
• Passport Fees
• Exit to Abroad Fees
• Land Register Regulation Fees
• 6736 2nd Article
• Income Tax
• Virtual Card Cancel
• Esnaf/Kobi Card E-Commerce Enable/Disable
• Tally Cash Advance Early Closure
• Credit Card instant extract share
• Other minor bug fixes and improvements
Thank you for your interest.

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Versions history:
1. LATEST. Halkbank Mobil APK (2020-03-03, 22.961.163 bytes)
2. Halkbank Mobil APK (2020-01-23, 22.802.593 bytes)
3. Halkbank Mobil APK (2020-01-06, 24.225.229 bytes)
4. Halkbank Mobil APK (2019-12-07, 24.186.262 bytes)
5. Halkbank Mobil APK (2019-11-24, 24.184.770 bytes)
6. Halkbank Mobil APK (2019-10-11, 29.457.602 bytes)
7. Halkbank Mobil APK (2019-09-12, 28.466.184 bytes)
8. Halkbank Mobil APK (2019-08-09, 28.099.787 bytes)
9. Halkbank Mobil APK (2019-08-06, 27.966.775 bytes)
10. Halkbank Mobil APK (2019-07-26, 27.915.006 bytes)
11. Halkbank Mobil APK (2019-07-19, 27.906.384 bytes)
12. Halkbank Mobil APK (2019-07-05, 27.634.744 bytes)
13. Halkbank Mobil APK (2019-06-27, 27.590.558 bytes)
14. Halkbank Mobil APK (2019-06-14, 27.512.364 bytes)
15. Halkbank Mobil 1.9.4 APK (2019-01-10, 29.770.184 bytes)
16. Halkbank Mobil 1.9.1 APK (2018-12-27, 29.921.949 bytes)
17. Halkbank Mobil 1.7.0 APK (2018-11-01, 28.328.790 bytes)
18. Halkbank Mobil 1.6.3 APK (2018-09-06, 26.324.875 bytes)
19. Halkbank Mobil 1.6.1 APK (2018-07-21, 25.397.335 bytes)
20. Halkbank Mobil 1.5.1 APK (2018-06-08, 25.308.056 bytes)
21. Halkbank Mobil 1.5.0 APK (2018-05-25, 26.235.312 bytes)
22. Halkbank Mobil 1.4.1 APK (2018-04-23, 25.732.631 bytes)
23. Halkbank Mobil 1.2.5 APK (2016-10-22, 19.173.445 bytes)
24. Halkbank Mobil 1.2.4 APK (2016-08-07, 19.446.681 bytes)
25. Halkbank Mobil 1.2.3 APK (2016-06-30, 19.418.756 bytes)
26. Halkbank Mobil 1.2.0 APK (2016-05-18, 19.099.116 bytes)
27. Halkbank Mobil 1.1.0 APK (2016-03-25, 18.890.676 bytes)
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