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With the largest selection of restaurants, Grubhub delivers your favorite foods to your door. Order with a few simple taps in the Grubhub app and get the restaurants you love, delivered.

What Grubhub offers:

Grubhub offers the largest selection of restaurants in the nation, so whether it’s Chinese, Greek, Italian, or any other food type you’re craving, it’s covered. And with exclusive restaurant partners, you’ll find that mom and pop shop AND the national spot you love.

When you order using the app, you'll avoid the hassle of over-the-phone mistakes. You can also count on Grubhub’s 24/7 customer support.

What you see is what you get: we promise you upfront pricing with no hidden fees.

Grubhub offers real-time order tracking so you know exactly when to dash to the door for your delicious meal.

The Grubhub app provides lots of great features: Order now or preorder your next meal, choose to pick up your meal and save not only time but money.

Gain access to exclusive deals only available through Grubhub

Grubhub has the most restaurant ratings and reviews, so you can count on getting the best food in your area.

Pay through a variety of options including credit cards, Grubhub gift cards and Venmo.

Ready to start ordering with Grubhub? Great! Here’s what to do next:
• Download the app
• Sign in or set up your account (you can even use Facebook)
• Choose from your favorite restaurants or try something new
• Pick your perfect meal
• Enjoy a discount on your first order!

Feel like getting out for a bit? Great! We also offer pickup. So whether it’s your favorite local spot, a restaurant with a little more fame, or a new place to try while traveling, Grubhub’s got the eats you’re looking for.

Curious to see what your next meal could be?

Each Grubhub city has different restaurants that you know and love that could include:
Arby’s, Auntie Anne’s, Buffalo Wild Wings, Cinnabon, Denny’s, KFC, Le Pain Quotidien, Pizza Hut, Potbelly, or Taco Bell

Just in case you needed a few more reasons to get into Grubhub, here are some rave reviews:

“I love that I can order food while laying on the couch. Grubhub strikes again!!” - @DrFlunkenstein

“Relationship status: @Grubhub knows my eating schedule better than I do.” - @TheAliaJanine

“I don’t need 280 characters to tell you how obsessed I am with Grubhub. It’s a problem” - @Wynter_fire

“Just when I thought I was ready to be an adult and cook, Grubhub” - @kima_jones
“Thank god for @Grubhub. The delivery guy and I are going to be the best of friends” - beatz6

“The only people who text me are my boyfriend, my mom, and @Grubhub. #notmadabout it” - @jordaleck

“@Grubhub is becoming VERY familiar with my food preferences. I love this app!” - @madelinedenise

Still undecided? Here’s a little taste of the foods, local flavors, and cuisines you should be uber excited about: burgers, donuts, pizza, sushi, wings, Italian, Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese, Greek, vegan, vegetarian.

So we highly suggest you post up with your mates and order your next food delivery in some of these Grubhub cities:

Albany, Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Bridgeport, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Hartford, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis, Nashville, New York City, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Portland, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, St. Louis, Sacramento, Tampa, Washington DC
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Grubhub: Local Food Delivery 7.16 APK for Android 5.0+

Version: 7.16 for Android 5.0+

Update on: 2018-09-29

File size: 32.700.642 bytes

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What's new:

Ok, this UPDATE though! It’s got a sleeker design, bigger images, and it’s just better looking all around.

If you like what you see, share Grubhub with a friend! They'll get $10 off their first order and you'll get $10 too. Win-win!

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