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You control the spaceship to battle the second onslaughts of the Empire, under the new leadership of the Empire, the giant head.

After push start, you get to choose a power-up sequence and you are ready to start the game.

You shoot down some enemies and get energy pods along the way. You are limited to two normal shots on the screen at once (+2 for each option). missiles are limited to one unless if you have two-way. When you get energy pods that increase your power meter, allowing you to choose the power-up that you want. You can build up your ship and have a bunch of different weapons at once. NOTE- You cannot have a "double" type weapon at the same time as a "laser" type weapon.

The Power Meter works in a fairly easy way. Whenever you get an energy pod, the meter will move to the right by one. The box flashes for the power-up that is currently available. (If speed is available, the word speed will flash). If you want to choose that power-up, press the 'A' button. When you press the 'A' button, your ship will be upgraded with that power-up, and the Power Meter will go back to zero. If you don't want the power-up, just don't press the 'A' button, simple as that. When you get another energy pod, the next weapon in line will be available. The Power Meter reads as follows:
Speed - Missile - Double - Laser - Option - ?

If you get an energy pod while the "?" is flashing, the meter will go back to
speed, and you will get some points. So if it's on "?" you might as well just
use it.

D-Pad: Moves the ship in the corresponding direction.
B button: Fires the gun/laser/missile for the ship and for any options you may have.
A button: Chooses the currently flashing power-up.
Start: Pause the game.
Select: Pressing Select at the title screen or the power-up sequence select screen, moves the cursor down to the next choice.

Getting energy pods is a key part of the game. It may seem like they appear at random, but there is a method to the madness. You may have noticed that enemies come in lines. If you can kill an entire line of enemies, you will get an energy pod. At some points you will get blue energy pods, which kill every enemy on the screen. Another way to get the orange energy pods is too kill the orange colored enemies. The orange guys will drop one each time. Finally, there are specialty enemies, such as the dragons in the first level, that will drop one each time.

Download now and enjoy !
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