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You control Arthur throughout his quest to reach the chamber at the top of the guarded castle, and rescue the Princess PrinPrin. Arthur can run, jump, and throw weapons at his enemies. Arthur’s armor will protect him from one hit. If he is struck while wearing the armor, the armor will fall to pieces. While in this state, if just one enemy touches him, Arthur is doomed and loses one life. It's possible to find and collect armor when Arthur is without any, but they are usually hidden from sight.

- D-Pad: Control Arthur move. Press down to make Arthur crouch underneath high attacks. Use up or down to climb ladders.
- A: Make Arthur jump.
- B: Shoot the weapon. Press B while crouching to throw a weapon low to the ground.

- Javelin:
Being the decathlete that he is, our knight begins the game with the javelin. Relatively speaking, this is one of the better weapons. It flies fast and straight and is useful against most foes. The only drawback is that you are limited to a maximum of three shots on screen at one time.

- Dagger (the "Sword”):
The dagger is the hands-down winner for best weapon. It's fast, small, and accurate. A flurry of daggers makes up in speed what is lacks in strength, as the dagger is slightly weaker than other weapons. Against flying enemies the dagger is especially useful. 

- Flame:
It flares up when it hits the ground. Flames from the conflagration are too weak to injure most enemies and you cannot throw additional fireballs while the ground fire fizzles out. The flame flies in a slight arc, just high enough to soar over the heads of close-up bad guys. This is a fairly good weapon against the red demon.

- Axe: The axe is essentially the extinguished counterpart of the flame. It flies in a similar arc and you can only toss two at a time. Obviously, it lacks the "instant campfire" aspect of its fiery cousin, though it must be noted the axe will continue through any enemy it makes contact with. The axe won't show up until the second half of the game and even then, it's a fairly rare find.

- The Cross (the “Shield”)
It can destroy enemy bullets and it is the only weapon you can use to truly beat the final boss. It's also a good rapid-fire weapon. You won't see the cross until you have progressed far into the game (enemies start dropping it on level 5). The cross has a very limited range and is ineffective against the Unicorn/Cyclops boss.

- Money Bag: Worth 500 points! Be careful when picking up money bags in the later stages because blue demons have a habit of hiding "in" them!

- Stone Soldier Statues: These statues are worth either 200 or 400 points and come in two different versions. There is also a "Cyclops" version found on level 3.

- King Statue: The King statue is worth a whopping 10,000 points!

- Frog King Statue: The Frog King looks just like a regular King statue but has the unfortunate side-effect of turning you into a helpless amphibian for a few seconds.

- Yashici: A red and white disk that gives you 5,000 points.

- Time Extend Disk: It looks similar to a yashici but it flashes. Gives you 100 points and adds 30 seconds to your timer.

- Time Decrease Disk: Worth 100 points and takes 30 seconds off of your timer.

- Magician: The magician appears if you hit a tombstone or certain walls multiple times (you can try this out on stage 1 if you like). The magician throws out a spell that turns the knight into a frog if it hits him. If you are quick you can defeat the magician for 2,000 points.

- Armor: Extra suits of armor will clothe the naked knight and enable him to take another hit. This rare item is usually found by exploring out of the way places.

- Extend (1-up): Another rare item, the Extend adds one life to your count. Essentially it's useless since the game gives you unlimited continues, but if you are going for a high score it may be worth the effort to pick it up. It resembles a knight's helmet on a stick.

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