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❖Contact Us
Follow our website and SNS for exciting events and latest in-game news!
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EO.moba

❖Classic 5V5 Battle
Team up with your friends and carry the whole team. Choose from Assassin, Support, Ability Power, Tank and so on. Try various play styles and powerful heroic skills. Crush your enemies in a real time 5vs5 combat. Get more penta kill and conquer the arena!
❖56+ Legendary Heroes
Master a roster of 56+ heroes combining eastern myths and modern art. Dozing goddess Chang’e with a muscular rabbit fighting together with her, punk Muqam who has an awesome Motorcycle and a magic suitcase, gentleman Arthur with silvery hair and white suit. More amazing heroes with various super power are waiting for you to pick up!
❖Innovative Hero Awaking Mode
After upgraded to 12th level, Heroes will be awaken with strengthened skills and items. Even the monster and minions get into stronger awaken stage. Beat your opponents with the awakened skill and become a legend in the arena!
❖All-star Japanese Voice Cast
48 top-level Japanese voice actors including Aki Toyosaki and Koyasu Takehito present distinctive characters of each hero. Sweet, narcissistic or whatever, you’ll find your ideal hero at first hearing! You may hear voices from:
明坂 聡美、阿澄 佳奈、雨宮 天、伊藤 静、上坂 すみれ、内田 雄馬、内山 昂輝、榎木 淳弥、逢坂 良太、岡本 信彦、小倉 唯、木村 良平、桑原 由気、小清水 亜美、小西 克幸、子安 武人、斎藤 千和、佐藤 利奈、下野 紘、諏訪部 順一、関 俊彦、仙台 エリ、高野 直子、竹内 良太、種田 梨沙、寺島 拓篤、富田 美憂、豊崎 愛生、中島 ヨシキ、生天目 仁美、野島 裕史、能登 麻美子、野中 藍、野水 伊織、花江 夏樹、速水 奨、日笠 陽子、保志 総一朗、細谷 佳正、堀江 由衣、増田 俊樹、松岡 禎丞、三木 眞一郎、村瀬 歩、山下 大輝
❖Academy Style 3-Lane Map
Beautiful academy style design combines with classic 3-lane layout. Beat monsters in a library or basketball court. More gimmicks behind them! Get additional buffs or even a mount by beating specified monsters. Open the Treasure Box for unexpected items like Curse Eggs or Angels. Oops! Take care of the Ice Gun from your enemy!
❖Hero Intimacy System.
Want to build a closer relationship with your hero! Set your beloved hero as homepage hero and interact with him or her by shaking or sending a gift! Unlock more skin, CV and facial expressions with higher intimacy!

Storage permission is critical to game initialization(Save game file to phone storage), please grant access after game starts.

Camera permission is required if you want to take a photo and upload to the game, please grant access if you need this function.

Location permission is required to play with players nearby, please grant access if you need this function.
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Extraordinary Ones: 5V5 MOBA 1.1.81 APK for Android 5.0+

Version: 1.1.81 for Android 5.0+

Update on: 2020-05-27

File size: 57.091.348 bytes

App permissions: view permissions

What's new:

Fixed a problem with Big B being unable to be grabbed by Midoriya while Big B casts Skill 2
Fixed a problem when Jinzha uses Revive Armor while spinning during Skill 3, resulting in Skill 3's damage not disappearing and continuing to deduct energy
Fixed a problem with Jinzha's ultimate not interrupting Pigsy from knocking away targets
Fixed a problem with the battlefield turning dark when Jinzha and Kui cast ultimate at the same time
Fixed a problem with Hadenna's mana consumption description

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3. Extraordinary Ones: 5V5 MOBA 1.1.76 APK (2020-04-22, 56.925.553 bytes)
4. Extraordinary Ones: 5V5 MOBA 1.1.67 APK (2020-04-07, 56.321.682 bytes)
5. Extraordinary Ones: 5V5 MOBA 1.1.65 APK (2020-03-31, 56.271.891 bytes)
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7. Extraordinary Ones: 5V5 MOBA 1.1.49 APK (2020-03-12, 55.746.731 bytes)
8. Extraordinary Ones: 5V5 MOBA 1.1.35 APK (2019-11-16, 55.996.732 bytes)
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