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Dragon Z Super Kart is a fan made Dragons-Balls game, based on the idea of kart racing with super powers!
You choose between 2 different gameplay modes: Races, and Tournament. In fact, you may need to win the tournament so you can complete races tasks more easily (but not that easy).
Races (Levels)
There are more than 160 challenging levels with so many different tasks, such as finishing first, finishing before the time is out, one to one race, eliminating opponents, … and each level is unique. Levels are designed to be challenging, contains traps, boosts (of speed and protection), power ups… Levels difficulty is progressive.
Complete tasks in the current level to unlock the next one. You may use some help (more chances, skip level…) in exchange of Zenies.
For the tournament, you play unsaved and difficult races, by winning these races; you will have a new dragon balls (a ball for each race). You can use those dragons balls to perform Super Saiyan transformations of Goku and Vegeta. Use the 7th ball of the dragon to purchase new characters. By winning the tournament, you will get rewarded with a huge amount of Zenies (which are really hard to collect), you can use them to buy power ups, purchase characters, skipping levels, getting more chances when falling…
You will be rewarded every day, and also as long as you play, so keep playing ;) . Check Daily Tasks to know how to get more Zenies.
You have a bunch of different super powerful characters such as Goku Ultra Instinct, Jiren, Toppo, Beerus, Golden Frieza, Kid Buu, Vegeta, Goku Super Saiyan God, Vegeta Super Saiyan Blue, Goku Super Saiyan Blue, ...
Saiyan characters can perform Super Saiyan transformations while playing, using the balls of dragon that you collected by winning tournament races.
Each character has his specifics in term of speed, jump, defense, instant transmission, transformations,...
You can unlock super powerful saiyan characters by defeating them in a one to one race for 3 rounds in a row. Some characters need an amount of Zenies to unlock them.
Power Ups
- Nimbus: use Goku’s Nimbus to fly to the first position fast and without any obstructions. You may use it also when falling and BEFORE hitting the bottom (so you can get a new chance).
- Protector: gives you a full protection from opponents’ powers and from spikes and traps. It will also fill your super power quickly.
- I.T: Perform Instant Transmission. You may use it also when falling and before hitting the bottom to get a new chance.
- Speed Up: boost your speed to double.
- Spike: set traps for your opponents.
- Super Jump: double your jump height.

Backup & Restore
The game supports data backup and restore, so don’t worry about your saves and accomplishments ;)
- Super powerful DBS characters.
- More than 160 challenging levels
- The most powerful Super Saiyan characters
- Super Saiyan transformations
- Special Super Powers for each character
- Tournament mode
- Power Ups to help you win the race and defeat your opponents
- More help in skipping levels and getting more chances
- Enthusiastic music & sfx
- Unique and easy gameplay

* To get more Zenies:
- Re-win the easy levels
- Win the tournament
- Complete Daily Tasks

Check the game facebook page to get free coupons (Zenies, unlock characters, skip levels, ...)

-Bug: Opponents shouldn't get more lives when they fall, if the current level has "Eliminate Opponents" task.
- Fix: fixed in v7.0

Please note that this is a fan made game inspired from the manga dragonball, used only for entertainment. All copyrights and credits of the manga remains to their lawful owners, we DO NOT want any infringement of rights in any way.

Have Fun!
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Dragon Z Super Kart 9 APK for Android 4.1+

Version: 9 for Android 4.1+

Update on: 2018-06-18

File size: 41.457.753 bytes

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What's new:

* Team mode is now available!
* 10 new super powerful characters including Zeno, Goku Black Rose, Vegito and it's transformations, Gotenks and it's transformations, Master Roshi, Future Trunks...
* Gameplay improvements
* Bugs fix

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