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This is the messenger hub we’ve all been waiting for. Disa will unite your messaging & communication services seamlessly while keeping your device clutter free. The design is clean, features are constantly being updated, and merging messages is easy.

Please be mindful this is a beta release and we are still testing. However, it is stable enough for you to enjoy with us as we perfect the app. If you have any questions join the Disa Google+ community (find it at where fellow users and a handful of moderators will help you. Or, visit the FAQ page (

What can you do with Disa?

You can easily organize! Merge contacts and messenger services together within two clicks. There are plenty more fun features and we will be constantly updating them to give you the best user experience. Just download the app and discover everything Disa offers.

How to start using Disa?

Pick your services - Open the app > click settings > click services > click add service > and select the service from the plugin manager list.
(After setting-up your service the last 10 conversations will load. Don’t worry, your previous conversations are not lost; load them manually by creating a new message with a contact or group-chat and it will appear in your conversation list.)

Merge conversations - Go to your conversations list > long press on the first conversation > click on the other conversation(s) you wish to unify > and click the merge icon on the bottom action bar that pops up.

What plugins exist?

With this beta release the text plugin automatically ships. Third party plugins may also be available for our community. You can find these third party plugins by clicking the search link(s) in the plugin manager of the app.

Don’t worry if you don’t see your favorite plugin available yet. It will come!

What else do we have planned?

More plugins! Tons of new innovation using our patent pending technologies will provide new features you’ve never seen before. Disa is not limited to just messenger services; within a few months you will experience communication and organization in a whole new way.

Tablet support?

Yes, yes, and more yeses to come as we expand to every type of desktop and mobile device. Not every tablet size and desktop feature is optimized for use yet… but they will be!

What if I need help?

Please try our interactive FAQ page on our website and see if your questions have been answered. If you have any other concerns by all means check the Google+ Community (find it at for quick responses from other users and moderators.

Who can use Disa?

Everyone! This app is meant for the old, young, middle-aged, super organized, and even the lazy. Disa is even optimized down to the “Talk Back” features for the physically impaired.

Enjoy the app and tell all your friends about it. There’s so much more to come!

Questions, comments, requests? Please visit the following websites:

© Disa 2017
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Disa (Unified Messenger Hub) APK for Android 4.0+

Version: for Android 4.0+

Update on: 2018-04-24

File size: 56.137.742 bytes

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What's new:

Telegram released! Along with a slew of other features. Check for more details.

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1. LATEST. Disa (Unified Messenger Hub) APK (2018-04-24, 56.137.742 bytes)
2. Disa (Unified Messenger Hub) 0.9.9 APK (2017-05-24, 49.064.519 bytes)
3. Disa (Unified Messenger Hub) 0.9.9 APK (2017-05-20, 50.043.799 bytes)
4. Disa (Unified Messenger Hub) 0.9.9 APK (2016-12-22, 50.043.799 bytes)
5. Disa (Unified Messenger Hub) 0.9.9 APK (2016-12-20, 50.004.368 bytes)
6. Disa (Unified Messenger Hub) 0.9.9 APK (2016-12-15, 49.997.276 bytes)
7. Disa (Unified Messenger Hub) 0.9.9 APK (2016-11-02, 49.974.980 bytes)
8. Disa (Unified Messenger Hub) 0.9.9 APK (2016-10-24, 49.387.137 bytes)
9. Disa (Unified Messenger Hub) 0.9.9 APK (2016-09-20, 46.905.045 bytes)
10. Disa (Unified Messenger Hub) 0.9.9 APK (2016-08-25, 46.905.041 bytes)
11. Disa (Unified Messenger Hub) 0.9.9 APK (2016-09-06, 48.386.883 bytes)
12. Disa 0.9.9 APK (2016-08-09, 48.384.799 bytes)
13. Disa 0.9.9 APK (2016-07-31, 48.390.731 bytes)
14. Disa 0.9.9 APK (2016-06-30, 49.334.024 bytes)
15. Disa 0.9.9 APK (2016-06-03, 49.142.517 bytes)
16. Disa 0.9.9 APK (2016-05-18, 44.870.415 bytes)
17. Disa 0.9.9 APK (2016-03-21, 44.715.383 bytes)
18. Disa 0.9.4 APK (2015-12-25, 42.290.631 bytes)
19. Disa 0.9.4 APK (2015-12-17, 42.290.123 bytes)
20. Disa 0.9.3 APK (2015-12-05, 42.206.901 bytes)
21. Disa 0.8.42 APK (2015-10-09, 37.618.450 bytes)
22. Disa 0.8.41 APK (2015-10-04, 38.313.500 bytes)
23. Disa 0.8.39 APK (2015-09-27, 38.688.810 bytes)
24. Disa 0.8.12 APK (2015-07-30, 36.017.533 bytes)
25. Disa 0.8.3 APK (2015-06-18, 35.987.660 bytes)
26. Disa 0.8.2 APK (2015-05-07, 34.840.072 bytes)