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Dark Stories is an easy to play and fun game but some of the stories are quite difficult. All the stories are fictional. To solve them, the players will need to prove their skills as detectives.

Dark Stories must be played in group. A person -chosen as narrator- picks a mystery and reads its description aloud.
Then he/she reads its solution without telling the other people. The rest of the players then have to make questions in order to solve the mystery.

The narrator can only answer the questions using "Yes", "No" or "It is not relevant". The only possible solution is the one given at the back of each mystery card. If the answer is still not clear enough, the players must follow the narrator's interpretation of the mystery.

A typical fragment of a gameplay could be:

Player1: "Did he die because of the shot?"
Player2: "Was he poisoned?"
Narrator: "No"
Player3: "Did he have children?"
Narrator: "It's not relevant"
Player1: "Are there other people in the story?"
Narrator: "No"
Player2: "Did he commit suicide?"
Narrator: "Yes"

When the narrator considers that the story has been solved enough, the narrator can conclude the game and read the whole solution.

It is up to the narrator to give some clues if the story is in a deadlock.

It is perfect for birthday parties, camps... and every situation in which you join several friends.

This free App includes more than 160 stories and we will add new stories periodically.

Accidents, suicides, thefts... Will you be able to solve every mystery?

This app uses the WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission. It is needed to take screenshots that you can share. This is done always with your previous consent. If you don't give the app this permission, you can still use it but you will not be able to share screenshots from the app.

Special thanks to Lorena Rebollo, mcwc307 Chan, Rachel Long and Zak Freckelton for their help with the English translation.
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Dark Stories Varies with device APK for Android 4.1+

Version: Varies with device for Android 4.1+

Update on: 2019-04-17

File size: 25.166.294 bytes

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What's new:

In this version:
- we have made some corrections in the Russian translation.
- we have translated group #7 of stories into Slovak.
- we have made some internal improvements.

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