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The description of Download DB Navigator 19.12.p01.04 APK

Mobile phone tickets, real-time information, delay notifications and personal travel details – DB Navigator's wide range of functions provide you with the information you need to get to your destination with a minimum of fuss.

Mobile phone ticket
Book your ticket for regional and long-distance transport and save it in the app.

Real-time information
Get all the details about departure and arrival times, transfers, real-time information and alternative connections at a glance in “My trip”. Push notifications provide you with exact information about your departure, transfer and arrival. Also available on Android Wear.

Coach sequence
On your day of travel, the coach sequence shows you the platform section in which the coach with your reserved seat will stop.

Quick booking-option
Simply swipe left over the desired connection, check booking details and with a swipe to the right over the red button with the train you will receive your ticket.

Komfort Check-in
Check yourself in after boarding your long-distance train.

Delay notification
With the delay alarm you will be informed in case of timetable changes, delays and track changes by e-mail or push notification.

Transport association tickets
Buy your ticket for U-Bahn trains, buses and trams for the following transport associations: AVV (Aachen), AVV (Augsburg), VBB (Berlin & Brandenburg), VBN (Bremen), VVO (Dresden), RVF (Freiburg), HVV (Hamburg), GVH (Hannover), HNV (Heilbronn), KVSH (Schwäbisch Hall), KVV (Karlsruhe), VRS (Köln & Umland), RVL (Lörrach), marego (Magdeburg), VMT (Mittelthüringen), MVV (München), VGN (Nürnberg), TGO (Ortenau), VPE (Pforzheim-Enz), bodo (Ravensburg & Umland), VRT (Trier), RMV (Rhein-Main), VRM (Rhein-Mosel), VRN (Rhein-Neckar), VRR (Rhein-Ruhr), RNN (Rheinhessen-Nahe), VVW (Rostock), saarVV (Saarland), SH-Tarif (Schleswig-Holstein), VVS (Stuttgart), WestfalenTarif und WTV (Waldshut).

Saver fare finder
Find affordable long-distance train tickets with the saver fare finder.

Select and reserve a particular seat
The graphic seat display provides an overview of available seats on the train and lets you select the seat you wish to reserve.

Change or cancel a booking
Cancel and change your tickets on the usual terms.

Call a Bike and DB Shuttle-Service
Select Call a Bike or DB Shuttle Service for the journey from or to the station. The DB shuttle service is available in the top 100 cities in Germany and the most important DB stops in other European countries.

Have you got any ideas or feedback for us? Simply use the in-app contact function to let us know your thoughts.

Further information is available at bahn.de/app.
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DB Navigator 19.12.p01.04 APK for Android 5.0+

Version: 19.12.p01.04 for Android 5.0+

Update on: 2020-03-26

File size: 14.068.973 bytes

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Bug fixes

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1. LATEST. DB Navigator 19.12.p01.04 APK (2020-03-26, 14.068.973 bytes)
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3. DB Navigator 19.06.p04.00 APK (2019-07-06, 23.159.550 bytes)
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5. DB Navigator 19.04.p05.02 APK (2019-05-20, 23.264.968 bytes)
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31. DB Navigator 15.04.p06.00 APK (2015-05-27, 5.991.578 bytes)
32. DB Navigator 11.40.p06.00 APK (2015-01-01, 4.981.290 bytes)