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The CycleBeads app lets you plan or prevent pregnancy easily and effectively by tracking your period each cycle. Just enter the date your period starts, and CycleBeads will tell you your fertile and non-fertile days according to the patented Standard Days Method®.

This modern natural family planning method has been researched extensively in efficacy trials. It is the only proven family planning method which allows you to manage your fertility simply by tracking your period. And CycleBeads is the only Android app in the world based on this scientifically tested method. It has been found to be 95% effective in perfect use and 88% effective in typical use.*

To use the CycleBeads app, you should have cycles between 26 and 32 days long**. Most women do, but not all. If you don't know if your cycle is in this range, the CycleBeads app can be used to track your cycle lengths. It will tell you if your cycles are in this range.

It’s simple! Enter the date your most recent period started.

Then, the app tells you what day of your cycle you are on, whether it is a fertile day or an infertile day, and when your fertile days will come this cycle. This information is all based on the Standard Days Method. You can use this to plan pregnancy, avoid pregnancy, or just as a period tracker.

• A calendar and a picture of CycleBeads that show you your cycle based on the start date of your period
• Customizable alerts telling you when you are on your fertile days, when your fertile window is ending, and when you are likely to start your next period
• Alerts reminding you to input your period start date or when you had a cycle outside the range of 26-32 days long
• A Notes feature to track key information for yourself, or to discuss with your health provider or partner
• Ongoing cycle data history so you can see the start dates of your previous cycles, the length of each cycle, and whether that cycle was in the range for using this method effectively.

For more information on the research behind this family planning method, to watch a video on how it works, or to learn more about this family planning tool, visit

Millions of women around the world have used this method as birth control, to plan pregnancies, and just to better understand their cycles. A portion of the proceeds from sales of all CycleBeads products including the CycleBeads app, supports research to expand family planning options around the world, and help people make informed choices about their reproductive health.

We update CycleBeads regularly. Please send us any feedback or requests for improvements to [email protected]

All CycleBeads tools including iCycleBeads, CycleBeads Android app, and CycleBeads Online are protected under patent.

* Arevalo M. et al., Contraception, 2002;65;333-338.
** According to data from the World Health Organization and analyzed by researchers at Georgetown University, approximately 80% of cycles are in the 26-32 day range.
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CycleBeads Period & Ovulation 2.30 APK for Android 4.4+

Version: 2.30 for Android 4.4+

Update on: 2018-12-28

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