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Do you wanna fight with your friends in a Global battlefield? Are you adept at defense or attack? Can you use the few to defeat the many? Can you bring your empire to come to fight with your wisdom? Or even be the king who conquers the world through a great battle? Join COE to discover more surprise!

COE is a Global massive epic strategy multiplayer mobile game, strives to reproduce the medieval magic battlefield through exciting war scene and real-time strategy. You, as a lord, will build your own empire, develop civilization, train army, kill monsters, rally your allies to capture territory, defeat the enemies from all over the world, seize the throne, fight for glory!


1. Brand new development patterns
The brand new gameplay of workmen replace the boring builders. Assign workmen according to actual needs to speed up the process of resource production, castle upgrade, technology research, force training and more!
2. Massive gold for free
Gold Mine, an entirely new feature, produce Gold as much as you want. You don't have to top-up to get a massive Gold! An extra benefit for players around the world!
3. Mysterious Hideout Cave
Preserve the strength? A surprise move? Prepare for striking back? Choose a suitable strategy and get flexible use of Hideout Cave to win the battle!
4. Guardian Beast
The Lion has 5 different personalities and 16 special skills. Freely combine them and each player will have a unique Lion!
5. Crazy Magic Mine
Innovative alliance team fight! The Alliance can get a huge payback of resources by investing in the Magic Mine. But it could be attacked by other former alliances while investing! If the defense defeats, the resources will be plundered! Stimulating battles are on the horizon!
6. Glory Resource Tower
The symbol of an Alliance power! Every powerful Alliance will be involved in the resource tower war. Occupying the Resource Tower can get attribute bonus for all allies! Grows ever stronger with wars!
7. King of the world
Only the strongest warrior with the best strategy and can be on the throne of the kingdom! To be esteemed of millions of people, to reach the peak of civilization, to hold real power in your hand. Are you the next king?
8. Artifact
Each Artifact has a special ability. Only the most powerful Lord can own it.

If you encounter any problems in the game, please contact us and we will help immediately.
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Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMIxd67Sx6ZW0Tprom2ck-Q
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Clash of Empire 2019 5.1.5 APK for Android 4.1+

Version: 5.1.5 for Android 4.1+

Update on: 2019-11-16

File size: 110.629.800 bytes

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Fix known bugs
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