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Dear Player!

♞Chess is my second free international ? classic board game under 5 MB to download on the phone. Download Chess, play in English ?? versus the computer, practice chess tactics or strategy and become a grandmaster ?

The author of the chess engine for this app is a well-known creator of chess programs and chess enthusiast Pawel Koziol.

Chess is an intelligent entertainment, ideal for kids and adults which improves logical thinking and intellectual abilities ?

In addition, you will find in Chess different functions, equally for beginners, for juniors and advanced players. These options will not let anyone get bored and will make each game different:
✔️choose the colors of the board - match the color that you like the most from the shades of brown, gray or green;
✔️choose the one of three types of figures;
✔️decide if you want to play white or black;
✔️you can easily change the situation on the board - select the Undo button, undo your last move and win the game;
✔️analyze and solve chess Challenges - select the Challenges in the Menu;
✔️earn Achievements ? and improve your chess skills.

Undo ↩️

Chess not only can be an intellectual pastime, but also a great skills and strategy training. You can use the Undo button without limits to try new game tactics.

Challenges ?‍♂️

Playing Chess does not need to mean a classic game. Although according to the rules, each player starts a game with sixteen pieces, try something completely new - select the Challenges in the Menu. You will get the quick task, for example to win against the opponent in the next few moves or simply not to lose. Will you take the challenge?
Challenges are not only a way to make the game more interesting, it is also a great way to learn ? the chess rules - each situation can appear in a real game.
Download the application and try Challenges - you can solve three for a good start. If you would like to receive more, you can view the rewarded video or buy a whole set of Challenges.

Hints ?

If you need suggestion which should be the next move, use Hints. Click the bulb icon on the down right corner, then you will find on the board one field and one piece highlighted - these are recommended to be moved. By using Hints, it is easier to win against the computer. Hints will let you know the most effective strategies of the game, they are great for beginners, as well as for more experienced chess players.
You'll get the first five Hints just after downloading the app. You can also buy a packet of unlimited Hints thanks to which you will be able to solve chess Challenges and remove ads.

Chess Premium ?

Do you prefer Chess with no ads? Download the game and pay for removing ads, within the same package you will also get a set of Challenges and unlimited Hints.
And this is just the beginning. Together with my team we will develop the game and in the near future we would like the following features to appear in Chess updates:
✔️even more Challenges;
✔️game online;
✔️different chess engines for Android.

Download Chess ? and try your hand at this popular for ancient times game. Also check completely new opportunities - solve the Challenges, use the Hints and Undo your last move.

Good luck and have fun!

Łukasz Oktaba - author

PS If you like the game, please rate it 5 stars ★★★★★ :)

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Chess 1.17.1 APK for Android 4.1+

Version: 1.17.1 for Android 4.1+

Update on: 2019-04-03

File size: 6.150.943 bytes

App permissions: view permissions

What's new:

Small fixes and performance improvements.

Please, let me know if you like the game in the comment. It really helps to improve Chess, thank you!

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Versions history:
1. LATEST. Chess 1.17.1 APK (2019-04-03, 6.150.943 bytes)
2. Chess 1.16.0 APK (2019-03-25, 5.871.871 bytes)
3. Chess 1.15.1 APK (2019-03-15, 5.710.843 bytes)
4. Chess 1.15.0 APK (2019-02-17, 5.417.893 bytes)
5. Chess 1.14.0 APK (2019-02-16, 5.417.893 bytes)
6. Chess 1.14.0 APK (2019-02-10, 5.413.797 bytes)
7. Chess 1.13.0 APK (2019-02-09, 5.413.797 bytes)
8. Chess 1.8.0 APK (2019-04-23, 27.710.039 bytes)
9. Chess 1.13.0 APK (2019-02-02, 5.120.537 bytes)
10. Chess 1.12.0 APK (2019-01-24, 5.071.316 bytes)
11. Chess 1.10.1 APK (2019-01-16, 4.663.955 bytes)
12. Chess 1.9.0 APK (2019-01-06, 4.684.373 bytes)
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