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Good Night! Nelson Corp's Debut game Block It Off seeks to provide entertainment to even the most boredom ridden individuals. Jam packed with block evasion and a never ending map, it's no wonder everyone is so desperate to play it. Studies show that almost no one takes the time to hit the read more button, so the fact that you've made it this far is really something. Good for you! Probably not worth your time though. This app was made as an exploratory venture into the unknown by a well known individual to some. It's origins are the stuff of myth, and only a select few understand how unity was involved.... I know right, kinda sketchy if you ask me... but hey, I'm the one telling the story! Anyways, the app is pretty basic, as you'll soon discover if you download it. I suggest using the video button under the bonus menu, it'll give you a helpful advantage when you bet your friend that you can get a higher score. Just sayin. Also, keep this app in the back of your mind, if it gets big enough, legend tells of a plan to start giving out some of the ad revenue to the highest legitimately won score. Which is also another reason to use that video button. And a strong suggestion to leave good ratings and comments, and to promote the app to everyone you meet. Seriously, it'd really be something if that happened. If you're still reading, I might even promise you some of the profit, maybe 5 bucks? because you're obviously committed at this point. Seriously, I can't believe it. That's some serious respect. I wish I could leave a little check box here that you could check, then I would know who read this. I think the statistic is somewhere around 5%. Think about that. You are special in so many ways now. You should give yourself a pat on the back or something. Oh, I know. Take a picture of yourself playing the app and leave it in the comments. To be sure you don't mention why. If people want to join the club, they'll just have to be in the 5%. And to make it even cooler, add your favorite filter and say in the picture: "MYTHS ARE FOR ME", bonus respect if you make it look super good. BOSS! You've made it all the way to this point. Very nice. I guess for the last little bit I'll try and be an influence for good. I may not know alot of things, but I do know that you should be honest with yourself. You just keep doing you. That's what I do. Also, it's a good idea to take a shower as often as you can. Try to eat your vegetables and exercise, naturally occurring dopamine is good for you, and so is increasing your functionality. Try reading a book once and awhile. In truth, this app represents an attempt to do something new. You can do it to, go try something you've never done before. And always take life with a little bit of humor, because if you do, you'll discover what a comedy society is. And how amazing even the unluckiest of people are. I was on the bus the other day, and I met a guy from puerto rico. He was far from home and looked a little gruff, but I took spanish and sat down next to him. He turned out to be a solid guy who'd had it a bit rough. He really appreciated talking with me, and I was glad I had talked with him too. If you feel stuck in a routine. Think of a different route home you could take. If you drive all the time, take the bus. If you walk, skip. If you always listen to music, try whistling, if you can't hum. Sing your own lyrics. Mix the songs you listen to in your head. Still reading huh? GET OUT! YOU ARE THE COOLEST! Seriously, I think you might be setting a serious statistic right now. Give yourself another one of those pats on the back, and in that picture you're going to post, make the letters green.

Special Thanks to:

Noah Durr for: Block It Off Music
Jefferson Sanders for: Chillin' and Disco Panic

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Block It Off (Free Version) 27 APK for Android 4.1+

Version: 27 for Android 4.1+

Update on: 2019-05-23

File size: 31.734.348 bytes

App permissions: view permissions

What's new:

Fixed app crashing and optimized gameplay mechanics

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