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The amazing next-gen economic strategy game for true-blue businessmen!

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a business tycoon? Big Business Deluxe gives you the chance to turn that dream into reality! Build a modern metropolis, set up your own business and make millions right now! Of course, there is a bumpy road ahead. It’s easy to start a business; the real challenge is to make it profitable and successful. On your way to the top you will build factories, manufacture your products and learn the secrets of effective management to keep all your enterprises in the black.
Put your economic skills to work! Use different business tactics to stay one step ahead of your competitors and become the best entrepreneur in the world. On your way to fame and fortune, don't forget about your citizens. Expand your territory, develop infrastructure, extinguish fires and participate in public life.
Remember that your potential is limited by your ambition only! Start the game now: your boss chair is waiting for you!

Key features:
✔ An offline mode to play without the Internet. Enjoy it on a plane, on the subway, on the road!
✔ Realistic atmosphere: life in the city goes on even when you are not in the game. Everything changes, just like in the real world. Your employees work and factories grow, making you wealthier with each passing hour.
✔ Competitive spirit: play together with your friends, participate in exciting contests and win unique prizes. Prove that you are the best and achieve success faster than your competitors!
✔ Manage your city: you hold the real power here. Your word is law! Take advantage of the endless possibilities the game offers you and build the ideal city!

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Big Business Deluxe 3.9.3 APK for Android 4.0.3+

Version: 3.9.3 for Android 4.0.3+

Update on: 2017-09-01

File size: 44.210.098 bytes

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What's new:

• Dear mayor! Life is constantly pulsing through your city. The game offers unforgettable adventures as well as tons of presents and surprises. Construct unique buildings, make your citizens happy, play with friends, and keep expanding your successful business!

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1. LATEST. Big Business Deluxe 3.9.3 APK (2017-09-01, 44.210.098 bytes)
2. Big Business Deluxe 3.9.2 APK (2017-06-15, 43.973.810 bytes)
3. Big Business Deluxe 3.9.1 APK (2017-03-21, 43.912.202 bytes)
4. Big Business Deluxe 3.9.0 APK (2017-03-08, 50.563.215 bytes)
5. Big Business Deluxe 3.3.6 APK (2017-02-15, 50.426.669 bytes)
6. Big Business Deluxe 3.3.5 APK (2017-02-01, 49.932.264 bytes)
7. Big Business Deluxe 3.3.0 APK (2017-01-26, 43.733.389 bytes)
8. Big Business Deluxe 3.2.3 APK (2016-12-12, 43.916.368 bytes)
9. Big Business Deluxe 3.2.2 APK (2016-11-26, 43.921.018 bytes)
10. Big Business Deluxe 3.2.1 APK (2016-11-24, 43.920.233 bytes)
11. Big Business Deluxe 3.2.0 APK (2016-11-13, 43.804.312 bytes)
12. Big Business Deluxe 3.1.9 APK (2016-10-21, 52.692.320 bytes)
13. Big Business Deluxe 3.1.6 APK (2016-08-19, 46.835.397 bytes)
14. Big Business Deluxe 3.1.5 APK (2016-08-12, 46.834.850 bytes)
15. Big Business Deluxe 3.1.0 APK (2016-07-31, 46.762.375 bytes)
16. Big Business Deluxe 3.0.5 APK (2016-06-30, 46.507.781 bytes)
17. Big Business Deluxe 3.0.0 APK (2016-06-03, 45.279.294 bytes)
18. Big Business Deluxe 2.8.0 APK (2016-05-18, 45.330.258 bytes)
19. Big Business Deluxe 2.7.0 APK (2016-03-21, 38.128.585 bytes)
20. Big Business Deluxe 2.5.1 APK (2015-12-23, 38.094.558 bytes)
21. Big Business Deluxe 2.5.0 APK (2015-12-21, 37.025.379 bytes)
22. Big Business Deluxe 2.4.2 APK (2015-12-16, 36.899.855 bytes)
23. Big Business Deluxe 2.3.1 APK (2015-12-03, 36.899.855 bytes)
24. Big Business Deluxe 2.1.3 APK (2015-09-25, 34.321.011 bytes)
25. Big Business Deluxe 2.1.0 APK (2015-07-03, 34.238.569 bytes)
26. Big Business Deluxe 2.0.2 APK (2015-05-30, 30.986.284 bytes)
27. Big Business Deluxe 1.27.0 APK (2015-05-28, 30.986.284 bytes)
28. Big Business Deluxe 1.18.0 APK (2015-01-01, 28.496.607 bytes)