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The description of Download WiFi Clinic : Analyze & Boost your WiFi by Ambeent 0.66 APK

You may experience this problem as "Slow Wi-Fi connection" or "Bad coverage in some rooms". With 1 tap, Ambeent focuses on ”you” and tunes your modem to solve any interference related problem you may have.

Begin your movie in living room and finish it in bed, Ambeent will understand and make sure you have the fastest experience available.

Ambeent.ai introduces a remote controlled Wi-Fi app that changes the channel(s) to reduce neighbor interference problem. Ambeent's technology is the only Inter-Home Wi-Fi Performance Solution in the market.

Ambeent.ai encourages both end users and operators to unleash the maximum potential of Wi-Fi and increase Internet speed. We offer a unique platform based on cloud and artificial intelligence to bring order and dynamism to chaotic unlicensed spectrum among Wi-Fi networks. Our technology can reach hundreds of millions of access points to optimize the performance of Wi-Fi worldwide, and provide instant solutions for every user. You can take advantage of our user-based cloud-based solution that can be shared with ambient by installing our application.

Available in Android, iOS, MAC, Windows and Linux.

Currently supported operators:
Vodafone, Verizon, Charter Spectrum, AT&T, Comcast XFINITY, Time Warner Cable, Cox, BrightHouse, Claro, Millenicom, Turknet, Turk Telekom, Turkcell, Telmex, iinet, T-mobile, Allnet, STC, Romtelecom, Telekom Romania and more with following Wi-Fi make and models:
- AT&T
- Verizon
- Comcast XFINITY
- Charter Spectrum
- Time Warner Cable
- Cox
- Vodafone
- BrightHouse
- Claro
- Millenicom
- Turknet
- Turk Telekom
- Turkcell
- Telmex
- iinet
- T-mobile
- Allnet
- Romtelecom
- Telekom Romania
Currently supported Wi-Fi make and models:
- Actiontec GT784WNV - Actiontec MI424WR - AirTies Air 4450- AirTies Air 5341- AirTies Air 5442- AirTies Air 5443- AirTies Air 5343v2- AirTies Air 5444- AirTies Air 5650 v3- AirTies Air 5750- AirTies Air 6372- AirTies RT-206v4- Arris 5268AC- Arris NVG510- Arris NVG589- Arris NVG599- Arris SBG6700 AC- Arris SBR AC1750- Arris TG862G- Asus DSL AC51- Asus DSL N16- Billion 8400NXLR2- D-Link DSL-2740U- D-Link DSL-2750U- EzNet NEXT-504N- Huawei HG253s- Huawei HG255s- Huawei HG552e- Huawei HG531- Huawei HG532s- Huawei HG556a- Huawei HG655d- Huawei HG658c- Huawei HG658V2- Huawei HG630A- Huawei HG630A-50- ipTIME N704BCM- ipTIME A604M- ipTIME A604M-MU- MikroTik RouterOS- Motorola MG7315- Netgear R6080- Netmaster Infinity 401- Samsung Sww-3100bg- Tenda D301v2- Tenda F3- Tenda V300- TPLink ArcherMR200- TPLink Td854W- TPLink TD-W8941ND- TPLink TD-W9970- TPLink TD-W9970-TR- TPLink Archer C9-TPLink Archer C7 | AC1750- TPLink Archer C7 v3-v4-v5- TPLink Archer C1200 | AC1200
- TP-Link Archer C1200 v1- TPLink AD7200- TPLink Archer A10- TPLink Archer A20- TPLink Archer A2300- TPLink Archer A9- TPLink Archer AX6000- TPLink Archer C1900- TPLink Archer C2300- TPLink Archer C3000- TPLink Archer C3150 V2- TPLink Archer C3200- TPLink Archer C4000- TPLink Archer C50- TPLink Archer C5200- TPLink Archer C5400- TPLink Archer C5400X- TPLink Archer C59- TPLink Archer C900- TPLink Archer VR300- TPLink TL-WR1043N- TPLink TL-WR740N- TPLink TD-W8961N- TPLink TD-W864- TPLink Touch P5- Xiaomi D38C- Verizon FiOS G1100- Vodafone H 300- Vodafone G-240W-C
- Zte ZXHN H267N - Zte ZXHN H108N V2 - Zte ZxV10 W300 - Zte ZXHN-H168N - ZyXEL P 1302T10DV3 - ZyXEL VMG1312 T20B - ZyXEL VMG3312 B10B - ZyXEL P-660N-T1A - ZyXEL P-660W T1 v3 - ZyXEL VMG3312-B10A - 2Wire 3800HGV-B - 2Wire 5031NV-030

Vendors/Service Providers contact us to service you as well at [email protected] - integration is easy and zero friction.
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    Android 5.0+

WiFi Clinic : Analyze & Boost your WiFi by Ambeent 0.66 APK for Android 5.0+

Version: 0.66 for Android 5.0+

Update on: 2020-03-20

File size: 8.614.130 bytes

App permissions: view permissions

What's new:

We added in-app Coronavirus Self Declaration form, you will get personalized notifications about:
- Your calculated Coronavirus risk factor and self-isolation recommendation.
- Closest Coronavirus test center
- Alert if risk in your neighborhood or conditions increase
- And whether you have been in the vicinity of the same Wi-Fi with a person who has been diagnosed COVID-19 in incubation period.

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