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All Unit Converter comes with daily useful conversations, financial & Maths related calculators and basic tools. For better user experience, app designed with more intuitive and attractive UI.
Application divide into 4 parts:

Unit converters:

\ud83d\udc49 Currency(155 world currencies with updated exchange rates.)
\ud83d\udc49 Length(micrometers, millimeters, centimeters, decimeters, meters, inches, feet, yards, miles, kilometers and many more.)
\ud83d\udc49 Storage(bit, Byte, kB, KiB, MiB, GiB, TiB, PiB, kbit/s, Mbit/s, Gbit/s, packet, block and many more.)
\ud83d\udc49 Area(mm², cm², m², in², ft², yd², acre, a, ha, km², Gunta, Cent(dismil) and many more.):
\ud83d\udc49 Weight(µg, mg, g, kg, lb(pound), oz, grain, tonne, ton(UK), stone(UK), carat, tola, ratti and many more.)
\ud83d\udc49 Temperature(°C, °F, °K, °R, °Rè and many more.)
\ud83d\udc49 Time(millisecond, microsecond, nanosecond, picosecond, femtosecond, second, minute, hour, day, week, month, year, decade, centry and many more.)
\ud83d\udc49 Image(twip, meter, centimeter, milimeter, character, pixel, inch, pica, postscript, point and more.)
\ud83d\udc49 Speed(m/s, ft/s, m/min, ft/min, km/min, km/h, mi/h(mph), knot, mach, Beaufort, min/km, min/mile, velocity of light, cosmic velocity, earth and many more.)
\ud83d\udc49 Current(ampere, kiloampere, milliampere, biot, abampere, EMU of current etc.)

Maths calculators:

\ud83d\udc49 Prime Number
\ud83d\udc49 Fibonaccis
\ud83d\udc49 Factorial
\ud83d\udc49 Equations
\ud83d\udc49 Proportion
\ud83d\udc49 Factors & Prime
\ud83d\udc49 Rational
\ud83d\udc49 Arithmetic & Geometric Sequnces
\ud83d\udc49 Polynomial
\ud83d\udc49 Permutation
\ud83d\udc49 Number
\ud83d\udc49 Binary

Financial calculators:

\ud83d\udc49 Service Tax
\ud83d\udc49 EMI
\ud83d\udc49 Car Loan
\ud83d\udc49 Discount
\ud83d\udc49 Fix Deposit
\ud83d\udc49 Percentage
\ud83d\udc49 Mortgage
\ud83d\udc49 Loan
\ud83d\udc49 Lease
\ud83d\udc49 Return on investment
\ud83d\udc49 Present value
\ud83d\udc49 Future value
\ud83d\udc49 Annuity
\ud83d\udc49 Margin


\ud83d\udc49 BMI
\ud83d\udc49 Bubble Level
\ud83d\udc49 Compass
\ud83d\udc49 Ruler
\ud83d\udc49 Date Difference
\ud83d\udc49 Speedometer
\ud83d\udc49 Step Counter
\ud83d\udc49 Shoes Size Measurement
\ud83d\udc49 Cooking Measurement
\ud83d\udc49 Ring Measurement
\ud83d\udc49 Wire Measurement
\ud83d\udc49 Password Creator
\ud83d\udc49 Cryptography
* Protractor
* Metal Detector
* World Time
* Morse Converter

All the features is available without any charge.

There will be many more unit converters, calculators and tools will be added continously.
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    Android 4.2+

All Unit Converter & Tools 1.4.18 APK for Android 4.2+

Version: 1.4.18 for Android 4.2+

Update on: 2019-06-17

File size: 6.393.832 bytes

App permissions: view permissions

What's new:

\ud83d\udc49Tools Updated:
* Ruler
\ud83d\udc49Tools Added:
* Protractor
* Metal Detector
* World Time
* Morse Converter

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