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The description of Download 2020 大總統 1.40 APK

要選好總統,先玩大總統。下載,玩,贏,慶祝! 《2020 大總統》將帶你體驗刺激的選戰過程。



Hi,吃飽了嗎?我們是由兩個人,和一個小女兒組成的超迷你團隊,這次,我們為你帶來了款全新的小遊戲,《2020 大總統》。





《2020 大總統》從構思到製作花了好幾個月,但還有很多想法來不及完成,未來幾個月,希望你和妳,能夠常常打開我們的遊戲,看看我們又做了哪些新的、有趣的東西,我們將會跟著大家一起前進。


寫於 2019.06.25
To choose a president, play the big president first. Download, play, win, celebrate! The 2020 President will take you through the exciting election process.

Countdown to the battle, you and the competitors are still difficult to understand, now, you have to work hard to win the most supporters, good luck!

Author's words:

Hi, are you full? We are a super-mini team of two people, and a little daughter. This time, we brought you a brand new mini-game, "The President of 2020."

At the beginning, I would choose this theme. I hope that politicians will be less vocal and listen to the concerns of the people.

At the same time, we also want people to understand the plight of political figures during the campaign period, that is, we must strike a balance in all aspects. This is really not easy.

I really like a picture of my theme painted by my wife. All the candidates are stationed and happy.

In fact, every candidate on the table has their own expertise and advantages. If we can cooperate with each other and maximize the advantages of each person, then we can certainly become a great country.

The 2020 President has spent many months from conception to production, but there are still many ideas that can't be completed. In the next few months, I hope that you will be able to open our games and see what new we have done. Interesting things, we will follow everyone along.

May the Republic of China and Taiwan continue to be great, let us cheer!

Written on 2019.06.25
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2020 大總統 1.40 APK for Android 4.1+

Version: 1.40 for Android 4.1+

Update on: 2019-08-17

File size: 72.964.097 bytes

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What's new:

對了,有些角色如果真的想贏,別讓貧窮限制了你的想像力喔! (感謝玩家在評語中的精闢留言)

* 如果你很幸運遇到閃退xd,或許可以嘗試更換角色,再換回原本的角色,或許會變好。(也可能沒有QQ)

功能新增: 一人美術組為角色添加了一些逗趣的表情
功能新增: 新題目再刷一波。
功能新增: 新增了許多小提示。
功能新增: 角色頁新增了一些奇妙的小東西
功能優化: 優化了題庫讀取機制
參數調整: 新增了一些即時新聞
參數調整: 角色平衡度爆肝調整
Bug修正: 再度解決了許多Bug
Bug 修正: 一些題目的錯字和評語顛倒。(感謝 tukslor)

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