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本軟件“正宗香港黃大仙”根據黃大仙靈籤籤本,提供求籤,查解籤文及記載。利用這軟件,用戶可以進一步了解黃大仙靈靈籤玄機,亦可在黃大仙祠親身求籤後 ,自行查解籤文。黃大仙祠,全稱赤松黃大仙祠或赭色園黃大仙祠,是香港的一座著名廟宇,很多人都會慕名而來,求籤作福。

This free software support Traditional Chinese Simplified and provides divination, check solution to sign the text, explain, immortal machine and records.
In addition, the software supports sharing feature, you can sign the text to share with family and friends.

This software is "authentic Hong Kong Wong Tai Sin," according to Wong Tai Sin Ling signed signed this provides divination, check solution to sign the text and records. Using this software, the user can learn more about Sin Lingling sign mystery, also after the person to pray Wong Tai, Charles solution to sign the text itself. Wong Tai Sin Temple, Wong Tai Sin Temple Akamatsu full name or ocher Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple is a famous temple in Hong Kong, many people will come here, to pray for the blessing.

This software is recommended to pray and search solution to sign the text is only available for reference, content and procedures may be inadequate, but does not guarantee their accuracy and reliability of the information generated by the software, and there was not information on of any inaccuracies or omissions whatsoever for any loss or damage bear any responsibility. The public should also understand metaphysics numerology is not an exact science, fate always rely on ourselves.
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    Android 4.2+

正宗黃大仙靈籤 APK for Android 4.2+

Version: for Android 4.2+

Update on: 2020-03-24

File size: 6.621.235 bytes

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What's new:

1. 新增完全版供下載
2. 解決Android版本6和9(彈app,閃出)不穩定情況
3. 新增"我的求籤記錄"可以利用分享進行備份
4. 新增"分享功能"可以把籤詩分享給家人或朋友
如果有不穩定情況,敬希電郵[email protected],讓我們跟進,謝謝!

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