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"Moe Cafe 2" is a 2D style management and cultivation sim, combining elements from various popular ACG franchises. In the game, you play a store manager, and with the help of your moe assistants you manage your moe cafe. From cooking, research and decoration to hiring, advertising, deliveries, and throwing parties, everything is decided by you (or your friends, if you need to call in some help). Experience realistic management in a dreamlike setting with collaboratively written, uniquely interesting restaurant dialogues.


❤ All-new 2D management sim
Explore a new world with your very own maid cafe! A new system and new play styles have led to a major breakthrough in management sims. The fresh, cute, Japanese style chibi art style might be too much moe for you to handle, and the 50 types of dishes to be served will have your mouth watering~ Come get a taste of the fantastic world of ACG and be the best maid cafe manager you can be~
❤ Nearly 100 popular ACG characters
Arrogant ojousamas, popular shop girls, girls with auras, elegant lolis, and other beautiful goddesses up for grabs, to be trained into tip-top shape by you, bringing you that much closer to your favorite 2D ladies. There are also hundreds of outfits to dress the girls up in. The otaku dream is real.
❤ 1000s of furniture items and decorations
From the classical to the modern, from realism to fantasy, from European style to Japanese style to any kind of style you can imagine. With this many styles to choose from, you can create (or re-create, given the extensive collection of common ACG props available) any kind of 2D world that you want.
❤ Various Social Interaction Modes
Temp work, granting wishes, borrowing employees, market exchanges, delivery orders, sending flowers... these are just a few of the social interaction modes available. Friends and neighbors can visit you at any time and leave scrolling comments for you to see when you come back.
❤ Unique Break Room System
An extra level of space to be arranged along with its own special furniture. Here, the energy employees expend can be replenished for free. Self aware employees will arrange social events of their own volition here, bringing in a new element to the already plentiful gameplay mechanics
❤ Fresh Live2D Technology
A 100% moe, movable assistant who isn't short on the kawaii~ She'll help you throughout the learning curve and come to flirt with you, er... help you out whenever you need her. Fan-service inbound! Even the tutorial has to have some.


Multiple systems and play styles over a chibi art style, combined with fresh design and original ACG characters and outfits make for an all new fanservice experience. The game is accessible enough to be played casually, but it also has the depth to challenge a player more interested in a hardcore experience. Life is what you make it: do you want an intense management sim? A romance game? An RPG experience? The experience can get as fanservice-y as you want it to, so go out there and chase your dream!

"Moe Girl Cafe 2" is in open beta, the progress you make now will roll over into the formal release! What are you waiting for? (´∀`*)

Our Facebook Page:https://www.facebook.com/Moe-Girl-Cafe-2-1238455849501497/
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Moe Girl Cafe 2 1.33.63 APK for Android 4.0.3+

Version: 1.33.63 for Android 4.0.3+

Update on: 2020-01-19

File size: 105.580.060 bytes

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What's new:

1. Fix bug cause restart when exit game.
2. Change the permission application method to dynamic, so you can play this game with only read/write external storage permission.
3. Support display cutout.
4. Increase network connection stability
5. Fix accumulated bugs

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