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1 供应商可以将产品以线上信息形式通过应用长期展示,吸引买家
2 展会中未与供应商接触的采购商,可通过应用,继续寻找感兴趣的供应商的商品
3 采购商,供应商可以使用应用的跨语言聊天服务,通过网站、APP、邮件3种渠道进行跨语言交流,形成初次交流→深入交流→现场交流→达成交易
4 展会后,采购商会累计到我们数量庞大的已认证采购商资源库,这些采购商可通过网展贸查看商品、询盘、与供应商跨语言交流,邀约,对供应商来说,这是无限扩展的商机。
5 未来:传统的境外展览模式的模式具有局限性,Meorient在高质量的境外展览、商贸服务业务的基础上,对贸易模式做了进一步扩展,解决了非展会期间,供应商和采购商交流互动,贸易撮合难的问题。
6 非展会期间,采购商会沉淀到Meorient提供的庞大的已认证采购商资源库,这些采购商可通过网展贸查看商品、询盘、与供应商跨语言交流,邀约,对供应商来说,这是无限扩展的商机。
Net exhibition area all the way trade is a combination of Chinese strategy, built by the Miao international trade exhibition O2O service applications.
1 supplier of online information products can be demonstrated by long-term application form, to attract buyers
2 show buyers are not in contact with the supplier, by application, continue to look interested suppliers of goods
3 buyers, suppliers can use cross-language chat service applications, cross-language communication through the website, APP, e-mail three kinds of channels, in-depth exchanges form a primary AC → → → site exchange deal
After 4 show, to our cumulative purchases Chamber of Commerce has certified a huge number of buyers repository, these buyers can view the merchandise trade through the network show, inquiries with suppliers cross-language communication, solicitation, suppliers, this is unlimited expansion opportunities.
5 Future: The traditional mode of overseas exhibition mode has limitations, Meorient on the basis of high-quality overseas exhibitions, trade and service business on the pattern of trade has been further extended to solve during non-exhibition, suppliers and buyers interact , trade matching difficult problem.
During the 6 non-exhibition, procurement precipitation Chamber of Commerce has certified to large buyers repository Meorient provided, these buyers can view the trade exhibition of goods through the network, inquiries, cross-language communication with suppliers, offer, for suppliers, this is infinitely scalable business opportunities.
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