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是方網路電話 - 由是方電訊股份有公司建置,提供070 網路電話客戶通話服務使用。

Chief 070 VoIP網路電話為 NCC 核發 E.164用戶號碼編碼,以070為開頭的11碼網路電話服務,使用最新的IP技術SIP(Session Initiation Protocol)作為基礎通訊協定。

「Chief 070網路電話」服務 具有可攜及跨網路平台的特性 ,不論從網際網路、  VPN私有網路或傳統的PSTN電信網路,用戶在世界各地,只要連上網路, Chief 070網路電話,均可雙向互撥通話,其撥號方式與行動電話相同。透過 Chief 070網路電話的靈活運用,享有網路無國界的全球通話服務。

Chief 070網路電話APP應用,提供便利的OTT服務,不論使用任何行動系統業者的服務,只要是ios及 Andriod平台的智慧型手機及平板,都可提供優質及穩定的通話品質。

透過「Chief 070網路電話」服務,讓母公司與國內外各分公司、合作廠商的網內互撥免通訊費及撥打市話、長途、手機、兩岸三地或國際電話的節費服務,達到企業語音整合的綜效,不僅可增加營運效能,更可節省40﹪以上的電話費用。 


大型企業客戶解決方案 服務諮詢
TEL:+886-2-26576688 分機 136
E-mail:[email protected]
Square VoIP - the new company is to build Telecom offers 070 customer call service using VoIP.

Chief 070 VoIP Internet phone users as NCC issued E.164 number encoded to 070 at the beginning of the 11 yards for the Internet phone service, using the latest IP technology SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) as the underlying protocol.

"Chief 070 Internet telephony" service network with portability and cross-platform features, whether from the Internet, VPN private network or traditional PSTN telecommunication networks, users around the world, as long as connected to the network, Chief 070 network Road phones, two-way interaction can be called if its the same as dial-up and mobile phones. Chief 070 through the flexible use of the telephone network, enjoy borderless global network calls.

Chief 070 APP VoIP applications, providing convenient OTT services, regardless of the use of any mobile network operator service, as long as the smartphone and tablet ios and Andriod platforms, can provide high-quality and stable voice quality.

Through the "Chief 070 Internet telephony" services to the parent company and all branches abroad, mutual communication costs and allocate free local calls, long distance, mobile phones, the three sections or international telephone service charges within the network partners, Enterprise Voice integration to achieve synergy, not only increase operational efficiency, it can save more than 40% of the phone charges.

070 square VoIP application services, go to Internet phone service 070 sites

Large enterprise customer solutions consulting services
TEL: +886-2-26576688 ext 136
FAX: +886-2-26581566
E-mail: [email protected]
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