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停戰之後,人與人之間依然存在著敵視和仇恨,而國家的力量已經不足以維持自己區域穩定和安全, 所以不得不借助安全承包商(PMC)的力量。而《少女前線》的時間就設定在此時,玩家在其中扮演一名安全承包商旗下的指揮官,透過指揮旗下的戰術少女來維護世界的秩序和穩定。

- 重裝部隊、全面升級!

- 戰術推進、即時戰鬥

- 即時操作,親臨戰鬥

- 心智升級,突破極限

- 戰術妖精,前線支援

- 附屬房間,宿舍拓展

- 知名聲優,傾情獻聲


The mystery hidden in the base is gradually revealed ... Who can be the last winner of this bloody storm?

【World View】
In 2030, seven middle school students strayed into the closed area of ​​Beilan Island and were attacked by patients with wide area low-radiation infection (E.L.I.D.) due to the leakage of remains (collapse fluid). The unsuccessful operation of the Twi police squad to the rescue also caused a full leakage of the collapse fluid in the ruins. Due to E.L.I.D., the area suitable for human habitation on the earth has gradually decreased; in order to compete and defend the only remaining land suitable for survival, the most terrible World War III in history broke out.

After the armistice, hostility and hatred still exist between people, and the strength of the state is no longer sufficient to maintain stability and security in its own region, so it has to resort to the power of security contractors (PMC). The time of "Girls Frontline" is set at this time, in which the player plays a commander under the command of a security contractor, and maintains the order and stability of the world by directing her tactical girl.

[Game Features]
-Reload troops and upgrade!
The reloaded troops have gained new power again, the support distance has been increased, and the long-range support for the front line has been 100% broken and indestructible!

-Tactical advance, real-time combat
The two modes are innovatively integrated to strengthen the strategy and operability of the game.

-Real-time operation, battle in person
The front army meets the enemy, and the rear row outputs. In the battle, you can change the formation position immediately and control the firearm girl action to reverse the battle!

-Upgrade your mind and push the limits
The tactical girl's mental module will be raised to the limit and gain unprecedented combat power.

-Tactical fairy, frontline support
A variety of combat and support tactical fairies, reasonable use of fairies skills in conjunction with tactics, the desired effect is everything!

-Attached room, dormitory expansion
In the "Cafe", you can watch the special independent plot "Humanoid", comics and large-scale event PVs of tactical girls. Many girls will come and relax. This is the most novel place in Griffin!

-Well-known voice actors and dedication
Please enjoy the gorgeous performances brought by many first-line Japanese voice actors, such as Yukugiya Rie, Horie Yui, Chino Ai, Tomatsu Haruka!

-External memory read and write permissions (EXTERNAL_STORAGE)
Necessary permissions to access devices, photos, cameras, files
You need to allow this permission when installing games on the device's external memory card.
After allowing this permission, the device can be downloaded and installed on an external memory card when the device runs out of storage space.
This feature does not access user photos and files.

-Camera authority (EXTERNAL_STORAGE • CAMERA)
Using the camera feature requires permission to allow the app to use the external storage of the camera and read device.
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少女前線 Girls' Frontline 2.0413_254 APK for Android 4.3+

Version: 2.0413_254 for Android 4.3+

Update on: 2020-01-19

File size: 54.564.892 bytes

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What's new:


- 2020冬季大型活動「偏振光」即將開啓,最大規模三方混戰一觸即發!
- 界面UI進行了全面升級。
- 新增部分快捷跳轉功能並優化了視覺效果。
- 優化戰鬥地圖中鏡頭表現。
- 修復榴彈爆炸特效顯示問題。
- 修復不同梯隊之間人形換位後位置不正確的問題。

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