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Dumbbell fitness trainer

Dumbbells are the most important, most convenient and most commonly used exercise equipment for muscle strength exercises.

Dumbbell fitness coach app is currently the most complete and comprehensive fitness tutorial tutorial.

Regularly changing the dumbbell movement can more activate the muscles of various parts of the body, let the muscles develop, and can also customize the plan.

We provide the most effective action teaching from professional fitness instructors to meet the needs of different dumbbell lovers. It is suitable for beginners who use dumbbells as the main equipment, and can also enjoy professional fitness guidance at home.

If you want to be more compact and powerful, strength training is indispensable. In the choice of strength training, in addition to freehand strength training, it is equipment training. In strength training, dumbbell movement is the most common. The reasons are as follows:

Small and easy to implement, no space, easy to use
The range of activity is larger than that of fixed instruments.
More targeted, able to improve the imbalance of left and right arm strength through intensive training
Safer than heavy weight instruments
Can adjust the range of motion according to demand, more flexibility
From light to heavy, there is always one for you.

For the public, the purpose of exercise is never to participate in bodybuilding competitions, nor will there be too much time to enter the gym, so as long as you prepare a pair of dumbbells, you can fully meet your needs at home.

In the choice of dumbbell movement, it is not too much, but for the purpose of physical fitness, it is enough to choose a group of exercises that can exercise the whole body at one time, such as the following actions:

Common dumbbell exercise method
1. One-arm flexion and extension of the dumbbell neck
Standing and sitting can be, legs apart, straight body, right palm forward, lift the dumbbell up, the height is higher than the top of the head. Then keep the upper arm still, move the palm forward, slowly lower the dumbbell to the back of the head, and then return to the starting position. Repeat and change hands and do it again.
2, dumbbell straight boating
Stand well, keep your legs apart and hip width, keep your torso straight, hold a dumbbell in each hand, and hang your dumbbells in front of your thighs with your palms facing back. Bend and lift the elbow joints on both sides and lift the dumbbell vertically to the shoulder joint height. Note that the elbow joint is slightly higher than the dumbbell. Stay for a few seconds, then slowly lower the dumbbell to the initial position.
3, dumbbells alternately bent
Sitting in a standing position, feet on the ground together, the torso is kept straight, each hand holds a dumbbell hanging on the side of the body, palm forward. Keep the upper arm still, bend the left elbow joint, lift the dumbbell to the shoulder height, and rotate the palm outward to make the biceps peak contract. Then slowly restore to the initial position. When the left arm is lowered, bend the right arm and do the same bending action.

Warm up before the action, relax after the action
If the purpose of the exercise is to increase muscle (male), then choose a large weight (preferably choose a dumbbell with 65%-85% load. For example, if the load can be lifted 10 kg each time, you should choose a weight of 6. 5 kg - 8.5 kg of dumbbells to exercise.) Small number of ways to do, generally do 8-12 times per action, each time do 3-5 groups.
If the purpose of the exercise is to shape (female), then choose a small weight (about 2KG) multiple times to do, generally 12-20 times per action, 3-5 groups each time.
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哑铃健身教练—胸肌 腹肌 锻炼动作教程-从健身小白到健身达人全过程 1.0 APK for Android 4.0+

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