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 ・2019/04/16 version 1.4.1 不具合対応(Android8以降で異常な通知を一部改善)
 ・2019/04/12 version 1.4.0 不具合対応(新元号対応、元号判定誤り、Android8で動作しない)
 ・2017/06/19 version 1.3.7 不具合対応(設定画面の誤動作を修正)
 ・2017/06/17 version 1.3.6 不具合対応(Android5以降での動作を修正)
 ・2017/03/02 version 1.3.4 不具合対応(六曜データの誤りを修正)
 ・2017/01/23 version 1.3.2 不具合対応(時刻更新が停止する問題の対応、改善)
 ・2015/07/31 version 1.3.0 不具合対応(ウィジェット削除時のサービス停止不備)
 ・2015/07/27 version 1.2.7 不具合対応(スリープ時更新停止、データ削除制限)
 ・2015/07/13 version 1.2.5 不具合対応(書式リストの表示不備)
 ・2015/07/13 version 1.2.4 機能追加(曜日英字短縮2桁)、機能改善
 ・2015/07/11 version 1.2.0 機能追加(曜日別、電池残量別設定、設定値保存等)
 ・2015/07/06 version 1.1.3 機能追加(更新周期、電池残量)
 ・2015/06/26 version 1.0.0 初版
[Recent trouble]
-There is a problem that "Japanese calendar date widget is consuming power" is displayed in the notification on Android 8.0 or later. In this point, due to the structural problem of this application, it has not been able to cope. Please pardon. (I heard that it is possible to hide by setting of Android side)

・ In Android 8.0 or later, we have received reports of malfunctions that occur frequently. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Some improvements have been made in version 1.4.1.

・ The release of version 1.3.8 has not been implemented. We apologize for the inconvenience.

・ We have received a bug report that the widget can not be displayed on Android 8.0 or later. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
We have made a tentative response in version 1.3.8. We apologize for any inconvenience.

・ There was an error in Rokuyo data. (2017/02/26-2017/03/27 minutes)
We have made corrections in version 1.3.4. We apologize for any inconvenience.

[Main function]
・ Display date, day of week, time
・ Display and notification of battery level
・ Display on lock screen (Android 4.2-4.4 only)
-Expansion and contraction of size (minimum 2x1)
・ Customize form
・ Change of text color / background color
・ Selection of display items (1 to 3 lines)
・ Change of font (select from under / system / fonts)
・ Save and load settings
・ Theme selection (apply pre-stored settings)
-Specify the update cycle (minutes and seconds)
※ The second unit seems to be about 5 seconds for the convenience of the system.

[When using for the first time]
-The initial state is a blank state of white character background clear.
By applying an optional theme from Settings → Theme selection, you can quickly set the color for each day of the week.
Please use all means.

【Correspondence format】
・ First era (Kanji, Kanji short, English short)
・ Japanese calendar year
・ Year
・ Month (number, alphabet)
Hour (24 hours, 12 hours)
・ Minute
・ Second
-Afternoon (Kanji, English, abbreviated English)
-Day of the week (Kanji, Kanji abbreviation, English letters, English abbreviation 3 digits, English abbreviation 2 digits)
Rokuyo (* 1)
・ Battery remaining (%)
・ Other arbitrary string (* 2)

* 1 Pre-calculated data for 2015-2025
* 2 ... There is a partially unusable character string, such as a reserved character string for formatting.

・ When the terminal starts up, it takes some time to be displayed.
-Update may be delayed immediately after returning from terminal sleep.
(Especially when the update cycle is in seconds)
・ If the terminal date is changed to the past date, it will not be reflected.
→ It may be reflected by resizing or setting screen display.
・ If a large number of widgets with a second unit specified in the update cycle are placed,
The time update timing tends to be unstable.

【Change log】
・ 2019/04/16 version 1.4.1 Bug fix (Improved some abnormal notifications on Android 8 or later)
・ 2019/04/12 version 1.4.0 bug correspondence (new era number correspondence, era number judgment error, it does not operate with Android 8)
-2017/06/19 version 1.3.7 Trouble handling (corrects malfunction of setting screen)
-2017/06/17 version 1.3.6 bug correspondence (the operation with Android5 or later is corrected)
・ 2017/03/02 version 1.3.4 Bug fix (correct the error of Rokuyo data)
-2017/01/23 version 1.3.2 Trouble handling (correspondence of the problem that time update stops, improvement)
・ 2015/07/31 version 1.3.0 bug correspondence (service stop defect when the widget is deleted)
・ 2015/07/27 version 1.2.7 Trouble handling (sleep update update stop, data deletion restriction)
・ 2015/07/13 version 1.2.5 Bugs (Incorrect display of form list)
・ 2015/07/13 version 1.2.4 Addition of function (two-digit short day name), improved function
・ 2015/07/11 version 1.2.0 Added function (by day of the week, setting by remaining battery level, saving setting value etc.)
・ 2015/07/06 version 1.1.3 Added functions (update cycle, battery level)
・ 2015/06/26 version 1.0.0 first edition
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