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This tower defense strategy, you have not played it!
The ever-changing battlefield makes you find the best solution!
Only by combining the considerations of military commanders, terrain, talents, and enemy characteristics can we make the road to victory!
Do you think this is simple? Hey~ Be careful not to be killed!

[Tower defense strategy play - hundreds of maps waiting for you to challenge! 】
. Diverse tower defense maps, special offensive routes, extreme terrain restrictions, and the unique charm of strategy play!
. Putting rolling stone and thunderbolt and commanding giant artillery can bring unlimited possibilities to the battlefield!
. BOSS debut, carry exclusive skills, and hit it all! Only by finding a way to live can you win!
. Defensive tower talent cultivation, constructing different talent trees, and getting out of your own tower defense school!

[Diversified arms portfolio - strategic deployment to victory! 】
. Archers, mages, gunners, military divisions, military commanders match each other, the strongest combination!
. Moths that will be resurrected, assassins who will be stealth, as many as more than 100 kinds of enemy units, test your brain limit!
. The characteristics of the arms, mutual cooperation, create endless possibilities, this zone, strategy is king!

[Three Kingdoms and the United Kingdom - the history of the famous debut! 】
. Cao Cao, Sun Quan, Liu Bei, and you dominate the Central Plains!
. Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Zhao Yun, Ma Chao, Huang Zhong, Wu Hu will listen to you!
. Big Joe, Xiao Qiao, Hey, the beautiful beauty is waiting for you to collect!

[The military will compete on the same stage - the winner of the free PVP is king! 】
. 3v3 free battle, reasonable lineup match, greet the peak of the arena!
. In the war strategy, fill the military commander, the lineup is more abundant!
. Choose the military commander with the tactics, play different performances, and compete for the only throne!

[Building the strongest legion - Hu Peng leads to dominate the battlefield! 】
. Seeking dragons and hegemony, attacking the enemy in one fell swoop and winning the final banner!
. Legion technology, God machine camp blessing, one step faster on the battlefield!
. Exclusive BOSS, join forces to attack and win the best!

※This game is classified into 12 levels according to the classification method of game software.
※This gameplay involves sex, violence, and don't indulge or improperly imitate.
※ Some contents need to be paid separately. Please do not use others to save the money to avoid the law.
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