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《不朽戰紀》是一款以打寶打王為特色的直立放置型RPG魔幻手遊。遊戲主打免費送福利,在線送元寶,離線自動掛機收裝備,任何時候遍地打BOSS。玩家可以用一個帳戶選擇4個職業享受不同的體驗,在緊張的多人競技爭霸中暢享PK樂趣。同時,遊戲內融合了MMO與RPG的元素,玩家可以自由創建或加入公會在宏偉的地圖上放肆地砍殺,掠奪。數十萬計的勇者在這裡冒險、體驗PVP, PVE、跨服組隊等多種世界交互玩法。每一次上線都會有豐富的離線掛機經驗,元寶,金幣和裝備。一起加入公會與兄弟好友共同協力,創造屬於您的的榮耀。







◆千人同屏 精準擊殺



◆激情打寶 自由交易



"Imperial Warrior" is an upright placement RPG magical mobile game featuring the playing of the king. The game is mainly for free delivery of benefits, online to send ingots, offline automatic hook-up equipment, anytime playing BOSS. Players can choose 4 occupations to enjoy different experiences with one account, and enjoy PK fun in the intense multiplayer competition. At the same time, the game combines the elements of MMO and RPG, players can freely create or join the guild to slash and plunder on the magnificent map. Hundreds of thousands of brave people are here to take risks, experience PVP, PVE, cross-service teams and other world interactive games. Every time you go online, you will have a wealth of offline hang-up experience, ingots, coins and equipment. Join the guild together with your brothers and friends to create the glory that belongs to you.

"Immortal Wars" can accommodate 10,000 people in the virtual scene to entertain, explore, make friends, fight monsters, fight king. The game uses the new unit3D image technology to create a world of games that are also true and illusory. Experience high-quality combat and pk by streamlining operations, auto-release skills and innovative skill combinations. Rich and varied equipment, special effects, and hearty battles will definitely give you a great experience. Come on, fight side by side with your brother!

[game features]

◆Simple operation, smooth experience of diverse gameplay

The game meets the needs of fragmented time experience, simplifying the design of the player's user-friendly gameplay, starting in one minute and ten minutes in full!

◆ Youthful blood, classic upgrade

Glory of the world, millions of guilds, thousands of brothers, one-hundred-hundred, and then glory! The original copy of the classic setting.

◆PVP strong confrontation, pet mount game
Live PVP play, beautiful wings, stupid cute pets, from the end of the spirit, cool pull the mount!
◆Thousands of people with the screen

The PK system is deeply optimized, the UE experience is innovative, and the operation feels super smooth.

Thousands of people with the screen of blood and sand, a key to lock the precision kill, automatic pathfinding to find the enemy to take the enemy first.

◆ Passion to fight treasure Free trade

Super passionate treasure experience, the best equipment, advanced skills, blame, free trade freely. Guilds, red envelopes... Diversified social gameplay, you are not alone in battle! You can also fight BOSS to snatch the costumes, and compete for your supreme glory!

◆Transfer to a big change, exclusive glory personality

Combine Korean style with the magical background of Europe and America! Four major professional classics in Europe and America RPG elements, transfer career, personality modeling skills!
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不朽戰紀 11.1.3 APK for Android 5.0+

Version: 11.1.3 for Android 5.0+

Update on: 2020-05-20

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3. 不朽戰紀 10.1.5 APK (2020-02-08, 94.635.331 bytes)
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