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Relaxing sounds for sleeping - free app

Scientists do not know what sleep is, because even during this period the human brain is actively working and does not rest. But everyone knows relaxation and sleep are necessary. During sleep, the hormone melatonin is produced, which reduces the aging process and increases immunity, and the production of stress hormones, primarily cortisol, decreases. Therefore, insomnia is extremely dangerous for the body.

What do you need for sleep? How to improve sleep and reduce stress? One of the most effective ways to listen relaxing sounds of nature or other background soft noise.

White noise – free downloading

If you don’t know how to fall asleep quickly, then download our mobile application with white noise for free and the relaxing music of nature will quickly calm and lull you to sleep.
The relax sounds app for sleeping gives you the opportunity to download various relaxing sounds of nature for sleeping and other bedtime noises. Among the melodies and relax sounds for sleeping, you can choose any sound of nature and mix with another relax noise:

- sound of sea
- sound of forest
- sound of thunder
- water sounds
- rain sound for sleeping
- river sounds for sleep
- and other noises for sleeping

Modern life is full of stresses, so an ordinary person cannot lie down and fall asleep in 2 minutes or fall asleep in 5 minutes, he needs to relax. Relax player allows you to get sounds for sleep without the Internet and thereby create an atmosphere of relaxation for sleep. Our free sleep app include:

- 18 calm sounds for sleep
- ambient sound mixer
- bedtime helper
- you can listen to white noise offline

The mobile app with white noise generator reduces stress and anxiety. The built-in timer for sleeping can work as an alarm clock, controlling the sleep mode and also automatically turn on and off relax melodies, sleep sounds offline.

Nature sounds - relax and sleep

White noise for sleep is the nature sounds for meditation and relaxation, are considered the most natural and effective. In the application, white noise for sleeping may be used even without the Internet (white noise for sleep offline). The most striking examples of white noise are the sound of a waterfall, the sound of rain and the sounds of the sea.

Human biorhythms have developed long ago, and it’s depend on solar activity. And over millions of years, for humans, the main sign for sleep has become not only darkness, but also the nocturnal sound of nature. Therefore, the nature sounds for sleep are the natural sounds of rain at night, the sounds of the wind, the sounds of the sea, the waves of which slowly beat against stones, and other calming noises of nature at night.

Human and nature are not separable, so everyone needs natural ambient sounds to fall asleep. Although physiologists also note other pleasant sounds for sleep and, first of all, it is relaxing music. As a rule, classical or folkloric.

Calm sounds offline

Download the sleep app and you will get white noise for free, as well as calm sounds of the sea, rain and other relaxing sounds for sleeping completely free. There is also a very convenient option for sounds for meditation and sleeping with a timer - you can automatically configure it at any time. The noises app has specific sounds and noises for sleeping, for example, sounds of fan or airplane. Therefore, you only need to select the necessary and favorite sounds to fall asleep in the app, and then the magic of the sounds of nature will do its job.

White noise for sleep - no ads! Download our app with free sleep sounds!
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