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The best game for DB fan and Super Goku Saiyan Warriors.

Warriors: Super Goku Saiyan is a brand new story revolving around M’ Buu being released in Trunks' Alternate Timeline. The controls remain the same, but there are some additional functions that can be used during gameplay. The story mode gameplay features something

Chapter 1
After the defeat of the Androids and Future Cell, Future Trunks enters the World Martial Arts Tournament.

Chapter 2
After being wounded by Future Dabura while protecting a city from one of his Ki Blasts

Chapter 3
Meanwhile, Future Babidi creates more Fighting Puppets, evil clones of the Z Fighters this time, in order to kill Future Trunks and the real Z Fighters.

Chapter 4
Future Babidi remarks Future Cooler's arrival on the planet, and the Z Fighters remark the presence of a Meta-Cooler.

Chapter 5
Future Buu meets Future Mr. Sa when the latter falls on the ground due to a pebble on the ground while running away.

Chapter 6
Goku is astounded by the number, even commenting on how his own father is here.

Chapter 7
Future Babidi calls forth Shenron and while stating his wish, he is cut off by Future Mr. Satan who wishes to become the most popular guy in the universe, this to stop Future Babidi's evil.

[How to play skill]
- O: Energy Blast
- Front + O: Special Attack
- Rear + O: Special Attack 2
- Down + O: Transform (when the Ki gauge is 4 or higher)
- Up + O: Ultimate Attack
- Up + O + O: Ultimate Attack if Above Fails

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