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Ah Man! Finally the best fan made game based on the Legend of Ichigo Saga is out. Help Kurosaki Warrior to fight against the waves of Hollows in the city. Be a brave man and ignite your soul to unleash the full power of your Zanpakuto blade to attack and destroy your opponents at Ultra Sonic Speed. The ultimate destiny of Ichigo lies in your hands.


-A perfect style fast battle system true to the manga.
-Play as Bankai and Vizard.
-Beautiful stunning graphics.
-A large variety of moves.
-Land and Air battle.
-Kill different type of enemies and win the challenge.
-Create your impact among Heroes in the Leaderboard.


There are 3 colored gauges that appears on top of player-

Green Gauge- Health
Purple Gauge- Energy
Yellow Gauge- Ki Blast


Y- Reiatsu (Refills the yellow gauge. However, it consumes the purple gauge.)
X- Getsuga Slash (Consumes some yellow gauge.)
A- Fighting (Just hold the button to keep fighting.)
B- Main Technique (Needs full yellow gauge and if it's empty then you need to refill it with Y.)
T- Transmission (Consumes some purple gauge for each time execution.)
E- Evolution/Transform (Once the Transformation/Burst gauge on the right side of the screen is full, you can transform into Vizard form for a limited amount of time. Fight with enemies using 'A' button to increase your transformation gauge and hold your form for longer duration.)

At the end of each wave you will get a power ball. This ball can recover your health and some energy.


-Vegeta and Goku from Z GT Kai are playable in two other games developed by me. See more games by this developer.

-In future other characters like Rukia Orihime Chad Ishida and captains like Byakuya Kenpachi Toshiro from the popular anime series may get featured in upcoming games as playable characters so don't be angry or punch yourself or decide to take revenge by posting attack comments on this game xD.

-The game does not feature evil characters like Zangetsu Gin Sosuke Aizen or Grimmjow or Ulquiorra Cifer or any other Villain from the series.

-This game is inspired by Blade Ignition Battlers Dark Saiyan Aura Crusade Flame Versus Dragon Heat Reaper Carnival Society Resurrection.

★★ ❤ ★★ Do not forget that my application
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Super Shinigami Warrior 1.0.2 APK for Android 2.3+

Version: 1.0.2 for Android 2.3+

Update on: 2017-03-09

File size: 32.700.527 bytes

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What's new:

Some minor bugs have been fixed.

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