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A new gangster shooter invites you to a grandiose trip to Sin City,
full of FPS-shooters, shooters, skirmishes with gangsters, thieves, mortal plots and other dubious joys!
Vegas opens a lot of opportunities for you - you can kill bandits, steal cars and arrange street racing shooters, become the best sniper, fight, try your luck or create a bombing outfit.
You can even fsssss! - fly up into the sky like a rocket, and explore all the hidden corners of this criminal paradise.
Five years ago, John Cooper escaped from Los Santos, a metropolis mired in street wars, drug trafficking and corruption, houses of movie stars and millionaires trying not to notice drug dealers and gangsters.
Your hero is a rising star of the MMA, whose dreams come up against the harsh reality of the CITY, where theft is rampant, the population is terrorized by gangsters, and the neighborhoods are rampaging.
Ahead 80 ASSIGNMENTS - action, racing, FPS-shooters and much more. Create bandit clans to fight with enemies. The time of the game - the early 90's. John is forced to return to his hometown.
His mother was killed, his brother and sister quarreled, and childhood friends - to the ears in trouble.
On the way from the airport, John's house is stopped by the corrupt cops, after which the recent murder of the policeman "hangs" on him.
To protect themselves and loved ones, John will have to travel almost the entire San Andreas. We represent our biggest game on mobile devices:
in it you can look into any corner of the huge open world - the whole state of San Andreas, represented by its three main cities: Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas.
The graphic component of the game is improved, and its approximate duration is 70 hours. Features Grand Drive Auto:
Improved graphics specifically for mobile devices: increased resolution, redesigned light, color palette, improved character models.
Support the synchronization of saved games. Two virtual analog joysticks for controlling the camera and motion.
Three different control schemes and customizable buttons with contextual display.
Perfect graphics and great models of characters and cars Gameplay optimized for touch screen devices Customizable management, redesigned for mobile platforms.
A multi-hour game process Explore a HUGE CITY - 9 times more extensive than in the previous shooter - there are always gangsters you need to fight with , and bandits who need to be killed.
Perform stunning stunts on wheelbarrows - the race becomes picturesque, like a piano in the bushes, thanks to the engine HAVOK PHYSICS. Pass numerous tests - races, MMA fights, FPS-shooters and much more!
Earn the title of the Best Vegas Sniper, while you're killing thieves, gangsters and bandits in shooter modes and Massacre.
Ditch the bank in the CASINO! Robberies and FPS-action are not the only way to get a grand piano-flash (not to be confused with a "" flash "")! REFUSE ON ALL COILS! Get RENEWABLE ARSENAL for FPS-modes:
incendiary Molotov cocktails, sniper rifles, flamethrowers at any! In this shooter there is not unless the GTA (gas turbine unit, of course, and what you thought).
Increased mortality of thieves and gangsters is assured! In the game, not only the usual wheelbarrows, but also absolutely FREE TRANSPORT: And do not rely on the auto mode!
PULL THE SKILLS! You - the most cunning thief, the most accurate sniper, the fastest racer, the most gallant battalion commander and generally well done. CREATE YOUR OWN EQUIPMENT!
You can look as you wish: the winner of the World Counter Clash Championship in fights without rules or a half-dead zombie - any whim!
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