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《永遠的7日之都》是一款都市幻想題材的RPG遊戲,結合傳統 AVG 冒險遊戲的要素,擁有十數條劇情線可供探索挖掘,體驗極其豐富。遊戲邀請了諸多知名畫師參與製作,基於網易自研引擎與獨特的表現技術,2.5D Anime式畫風將為每位指揮使帶來非常特別的視覺體驗。此外,本作的音樂由日本御三家之一的川井憲次老師擔當製作,並有數十位知名聲優參與角色配音。

陷入了 7 日命運螺旋的你,當前所做的一切選擇,都將影響未來劇情事件的發展。每 7 日一次,叩擊城市與命運的真相。是拯救?還是死亡?



內田真禮 奧村翔 川澄綾子 釘宮理惠 高野麻里佳
阪本真綾 諏訪彩花 立花慎之介 田中千惠美 田丸篤志
富樫美鈴 中恵光城 中村櫻 西谷亮 能登麻美子
花澤香菜 早見沙織 藤田咲 堀江由衣 前野智昭
三宅健太 森川智之 安元洋貴 悠木碧 渡邊優里奈
"Forever 7 Days" is an urban fantasy RPG game that combines the elements of a traditional AVG adventure game with dozens of plot lines for exploration and excavation. The game invites many well-known artists to participate in the production. Based on Netease's self-developed engine and unique performance technology, the 2.5D Anime style will bring a very special visual experience to each conductor. In addition, the music of this work was produced by Mr. Kawai Kenji, one of the three Japanese royal families, and dozens of well-known seiyuu participated in the role dubbing.

"game background"
The game story takes place in a modern coastal city. One day, Black Gate appeared in the city, and the fog and monsters from the different worlds constantly invaded the city's order and captured the city's energy.
At the same time, there are some abilities in humans who have the power to use mythological weapons, not only to kill monsters, but also to destroy black doors. These heroic characters, known as "artifacts", eventually gathered in the "central court" and struggled for destiny in an organization carrying a mission against the different worlds.
At this moment, the protagonist you played came to the city. You have a rare ability to assist and become an object that artifacts rely on. After reaching out to the world, you find that it is not as simple as you think. The threat is not just a black door and a monster, a 7-day countdown over the fate of the city is approaching step by step...
You are caught in the spiral of the 7th fate, and all the choices you make now will affect the development of future plot events. Once every 7 days, attack the truth of the city and destiny. Is it salvation? Still dead?

"Game Features"
More than ten kinds of rich endings. Go to the border city and unlock the development of the story!
Dozens of artifacts are used to participate. In the spiral of destiny, the partners who make up the fate!
Encounter the challenge of the strongest enemy. In the real-time battle, annihilate different world monsters!

Japanese master musician and composer Kawai Kenji

"Seiyuku lineup"
Uchida Masaharu Omura Yuki Kawasumi Ayako Kumamoto Rikari Takano Marika
Sakamoto Shinji, Suwa Kasuga, Tachibana Shinnosuke, Tanaka Chie Mi, Tian Maru
樫美美铃 中恵光城 Nakamura Sakura Nishiguyuki Noto Mamiko
Hanazawa Coriander, early seeing Saori, Fujita Aya
Miyake Kenta Morikawa Tomoko An Yuan Yanggui You Mubi Watanabe Yourina
(above in the order of Japanese kana)
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[2018 Google Play中秋節發紅包] 快來領取 HK$75/TW$300 Google Play虛寶補助金 ,只在精選遊戲包含 {永遠的7日之都} ,補助金適用在單次大於等於 HK$375/TW$1490的遊戲內購買。活動日期:9/21~9/26

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